If you drink wine on a regular basis, a wine decanter is a good investment. Parsnips also suit Viognier well. Champagne (and other sparkling wines) aren’t just for special occasions. A lemon-based, New World Chardonnay with no oak is best for broccoli. Company No: 03800762, Tel: 0343 224 1001 Think … I recommend consulting with your local or favorite wine shops, doing a quick Google search of your favorite vineyards and potential purchases, and consulting the. Its flavour is delicate though, so a white wine is the best match. Verdicchio. At Plant & Vine, we’re all about pairing wine with plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian meals. I also recognize that not everyone has the time or passion to turn wine pairings into a personal art, so I’m also here to take the work off you and point you in the right direction. You said right that wine pairings in relationship to these components and how they interact with the nuances of the food on your plate. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’ve been looking for some simple, easily useable (and not too rigid) advice on pairing wine with vegan food for a while, and now the search engine finally spit out (no pun!) Dream big here. Gardens (literally) spring into life at this time of year, offering up leafy crops of spring greens, spinach, watercress, spring onions and wild garlic. Crown Roast Of Pork With Apple And Pork Stuffing And Cider Gravy, Medallions Of Venison With Port And Cranberries, Butternut Squash, Sage, And Goat Cheese Ravioli With Hazelnut Brown-butter Sauce. Try German Pinot Noir – known locally as Spätburgunder – or fresh Pinots from New Zealand. Cold eggplant dishes such as baba ganoush are better with a light red or rosé. Increasing the oxygen exposure improves taste by softening tannins, letting out any residual sulfur dioxide, releasing any sharp, volatile, or overly acidic aromas, and perhaps more importantly, letting the wine’s fruit and floral aromas shine. When vegetables are roasted, they lose their plant-like flavors, becoming sweet and almost decadent. Salmon is an ingredient that can easily handle spices, from chilli and ginger to fiery wasabi. I encourage you to check out some recipes for examples of specific wine pairings. Red wine is typically a heavier wine – fuller bodied and higher alcohol content – which pairs nicely with traditionally heavier dinner meals. I'm the perpetual food, wine, and photography nerd behind Plant & Vine. Another great option for wine pairings is to pick wines based on the region of the cuisine. This is one of those great pairings where the wine and food accentuate each other’s flavours. If you’re wondering what bottles should be in your wine rack for spring, read on to find suggestions for pairing with a selection of spring ingredients. Kale Salad with Roasted Chickpea Croutons, Broccoli Cauliflower Pasta with Tahini Sauce, Food examples: citrus or balsamic vinaigrette, tomato-based sauces, Food examples: nut-based sauces, macaroni and cheese, vegan cheesecake, curries, Food examples: salsa, spicy curries, hot sauce, horseradish-based sauces, Food examples: kale, grapefruit, arugula, dark chocolate, Food examples: cakes, cookies, fudge, milk chocolate, ice cream, Food examples: popcorn, pretzel, mixed nuts, tortilla chips, Pair with full-bodied white, aromatic white, rosé, or light red. Congruent Wine Pairing: A creamy cashew-based sauce with pasta paired with an oaked Chardonnay from California. Their fresh, delicate flavours deserve to be paired with lighter wines. Avocado is packed with fat (the good kind!) Let’s dive in.