1. Lemon balm – requires full sun or partial shade. This is the most dependable way too. Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade; Soil Needs: Moist, well-drained soil; Parsley is a biennial herb normally grown as an annual. Although chives prefer full sun, they will also grow just fine in the shade. Don’t overlook growing some delicious chives in your shady herb garden. Mint is a herb that can grow in shade or sun. Without a doubt, parsley is a staple herb for most gardens, but you might not realize it’s an easy herb that grows in the shade. Because I use parsley in minimal amounts in the kitchen, I’m happy to let the caterpillars munch away. Wild Bergamot. I’ve started growing parsley to keep swallowtail butterfly caterpillarsaway from my carrots. Zone: 4 to 9 (parsle… They produce better leaf crops if they’re not subjected to midday sun, and are less likely to bolt into flower. Herbs that don’t like their soil to dry out in summer tend to do well in shade. Golden Oregano. Plants that grow in the shade tend to get leggy, and by frequent trimming, you can keep the plant … Because parsley prefers cooler weather, I often stick it in a shady spot during the summer months. No matter the type of parsley you’re growing, it has a delicious flavor needed for thousands of recipes. Most varieties of oregano need full sun; however, the leaves of golden oregano, 'Aureum', can fry under the sun, so it does best in partial shade. It is one of those herbs that can tolerate almost any condition. Swiss Chard – prefers full sun early in the season, part shade in summer when it’s warm. It is easiest to start growing mint from a nursery-grown plant. 2) Chives, Allium schoenoprasum. It is a perfect choice for growing indoors since it has a tendency to grow freely outdoors. Resistant to deer, drought and powdery mildew, wild bergamot produces lavender blooms … Chives are hardy little perennials, and will grow in almost any kind of soil, garden, or container. Avoid sun-loving Mediterranean herbs, such as rosemary, thyme and oregano, but give everything else a try. Turnip – requires full sun or partial shade. Herbs That Grow in Shade. Fennel – requires full sun or light shade. As with any herb that will be spending much of its time in the shade, keep parsley trimmed to keep it from sprawling. Chives – requires full sun or partial shade. Calendula – requires full sun or partial shade. There are two types of parsley: flat-leaved (Italian) and curled parsley.