TOS4. Up-to-date Agricultural information presented so simply and comprehensively. However, the need for profitability is a decisive prerequisite: To be sustainable, the system must be profitable, as profits generate the possibility to support all activities outlined in the (EISA Integrated Farming) IF Framework. 141–145. [17], As a management and planning approach, Integrated Farming includes regular benchmarking of targets set against results achieved. What is the reserve food material in red algae? Preserving and enhancing soil fertility, maintaining and improving a diverse environment and the adherence to ethical and social criteria are indispensable basic elements. Uncoupling animal husbandry from arable production (too high stocking rates) is therefore not considered in accordance with the principles and objectives of Integrated Farming (Lütke Entrup et al., 1998 1). ", "10 Jahre kontrollierter Integrierter Obstbau, was nun ? Cite as. it includes practices that avoid waste, enhances energy efficiency and minimises pollution. Do eukaryotic cells have restriction endonucleases? In resistant genotypes, disease appears late, build up slowly and results in little damage to the crop. Not logged in In IDM programme chemical control implies the judicious and need based use of pesticides (fungicides, insecticides and herbicides). These include LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) in the UK, FNL (Fördergemeinschaft Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft e.V. The use of resistant genotypes is a highly effective approach to suppress disease to tolerable levels. Initially, animal husbandry was not seen as part of such integrated approaches (Lütke Entrup et al., 1998 1). What is Integrated Production? Integrated crop management (ICM) is a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture. Share Your Word File based on UNI 11233-2009 European standard, The International Organisation of Biological Control (IOBC) describes Integrated Farming according to the UNI 11233-2009 European standard as a farming system where high quality organic food, feed, fibre and renewable energy are produced by using resources such as soil, water, air and nature as well as regulating factors to farm sustainably and with as little polluting inputs as possible. (1993), Loading and Scheduling in Consideration of Alternative Process Sequences. Welcome to BiologyDiscussion! Meaning of Integrated Disease Management (IDM): The Integrated Disease Management (IDM) involves the need based use of pesticide only when the disease incidence reach economic threshold levels and … This paper deals with a production planning system which is integrated with loading and scheduling in the job-shop type production circumstances. Share Your PPT File. Integrated Crop Management (ICM): Key Components and Objectives for Sustainable Crop Production, ICM is a pragmatic approach to crop production which includes, Making Good Money From Tomato Production, Cost and Benefits, Doing Profitable Business in Okra Production, Costs and Benefits, Remarkably Using Little to Produce More Crops By Increasing Water Use Efficiency, How to Build a Healthy and High-Quality Soil for Crop Farming, The Perfect Solution For Cocoa Pests and Diseases, Hopes Dashed: Story of The National Best Farmer, Minimum tillage and soil conservation techniques, Low-cost maintenance of soil structure and fertility, Use of nitrogen-fixing plants, green manures and agroforestry techniques, Biological methods of pest and disease control, Prevent build-up of pests, disease and weeds, Productive use and disposal of plant and animal residues, Prevent damage to soil, water, human, plant and animal health, Maintenance and improvement of ecological diversity, Avoid loss of biodiversity and damage to habitat, Minimum use of purchased inputs and non-renewable fuel resources, Reduce production costs and environmental damage.