5. But like. Peer pressure for a guy to lose his virginity is often exerted by social groups. MikeK. My cousins told her I was 15 and hell, I looked it. Fuck dude. That taste still gives me nightmares. I was repeatedly able to make her orgasm, but I couldn’t cum at all. And it was a relief to finally lose my virginity, especially as this was right after The 40 Year Old Virgin came out.” 2. YourTango talked to 7 guys about what it was like to lose their virginity. This is often accompanied by the wearing of a purity ring. Also, I have NO idea as to how I was able to satisfy her. We’re getting married in 9 months.”, “I was too nervous and anxious to keep it hard long enough for insertion. The pain women experience losing their virginity is caused by breaking their hymen. My husband lost his virginity to me. I was so nervous about it, but she helped me relax. Only problem was I was terrified of going raw thinking I’d get her pregnant from pre-cum or not pulling out quick enough. Felt something for like…half a movement….and then guilt-ridden repeat. 3/10.”, “It was amazing. It was all very light hearted and goofy. 5 minutes later, second time: Giving me head, nutted while she was still sucking. She was sweet though but she’s never getting back those three seconds of her life.”, “I farted in her face. Such an uncomfortable start to a hopefully rich and enjoyable sexual life can make the day itself seem intimidating. When she asked me why I lost it, I couldn’t bear to tell her that her body language was saying No despite her real desire to have sex so I just said I had exam stress. One of the biggest concerns when asking how does a guy lose his virginity is whether there is a physical change to their body. Both of us were virgins so neither of us knew what we were doing. More so in that I felt “’nothing.’ I believe she insisted on no-condom to try and alleviate that possibility but even “raw” I literally could not tell if I had penetrated. male For example, I have never noticed when my bf lost his virginity, he told me later that I was the first to him. Unlike the hymen breaking, this is not something which happens to every guy. You could not imagine how awkward it is be in at the hour mark of your sex session, and she’s saying ‘I reaaaally want to make you cum. Didn’t know that was even possible. While there are often grains of truth even in stereotypes, oneHOWTO is here to answer the question how does a guy lose his virginity? 0 | 1. If that handed off, he in basic terms brags to his acquaintances approximately "how he nailed her" and drinks beer till he feels sick! Be very careful who you choose to lose it to because I fully regret mine.”, “Fucking gross…I was drunk on cheap champagne and my Dad’s GF at the time had this fat cousin who was hideous! But it was at a party at a friend’s house and since we couldn’t get anyone to buy us alcohol we were just mixing what was in his parents’ liquor cabinet. “Bizarre. To them, virginity represents being pure, honorable and respectful. There are physical reasons to support this. This is something often started by exploring masturbation on your own. Instead of asking if I was okay, she just hopped on and started riding me. We danced and then I walked outside the center and made out with her on top of one of those green power generators. I’ve since learned that it’s not really so deep as that with most women, but at the time it blew my mind. Some define virginity as not having had penetrative sex, remaining a virgin if you take part in other sex acts. Pretty trash TBH. They put a lot of value on their chastity (sexual "purity"). It can be so valued that women require a physical evaluation to ensure their "purity".