It’s them ocean spray negative ions (a good thing)! lol, Reading through Amazon reviews on Beenee Weenee, everyone describes the sausage in it as being sliced-up hot dog, not Vienna Sausage. I guess everything tastes good at the beach. And guess which one unanimously won the sausage shootout? Yet  you know what? vienna sausages, drained, dill pickles, sliced, mustard, mayonnaise. As in the various fun ways to serve and eat Vienna Sausage. It’s too soft and mushy or something. In fact, I can’t remember EVER  personally buying a can of the stuff, at least for my own consumption. Sure seemed easier to eat in my mother’s pack lunch in those days when I worked construction. Vienna Sausage Breakfast eggs, dried onion flakes, black pepper, Sprinkle salt, milk or creamer, Vienna sausages, drained, Butter cooking spray, Sharp cheddar cheese, shredded Fat Bois Kitchen vienna sausage (can), bread, honey , mutard, miracle whip . Seriously, them Hawaiian Luau Barbecue Rings, aside of the shape, are almost EXACTLY like how I remember the original Yick Lung Nibb-Its. Horlicks…I miss those with a passion. For me, Armour Star was known mostly for their big bricks of luncheon meat, along with their hot dog-like SPAM knock-off, “TREET”. By far the most bizarre way I’ve tried Vienna Sausage (as if the sausage itself isn’t mysterious in itself) is straight out of the can and added in a bowl of Shoyu mixed with Vinegar, the same way you make Shoyu Mango as shown above. I was like, “WTH is this?! Of course you still being a spring chicken would not recognize anything later than 1980 as that would be before your time. Armour Star Hot & Spicy Vienna Sausage is made with chicken, beef and pork added in tasty hot sauce. Pop open a can of crescent roll dough and remove the dough from the tube. Now, just looking at them make me gag. Lay each piece of dough on a flat surface, unroll it, and then lay a sausage on each piece. Always got a can or two (or whole case) in your pantry? We’d get dressed up as best we could and those memories have lasted a lifetime. Every time we see Astro Pops, I tell my kids that we used to lick them to get them as sharp as possible and then stab each other. Jan 29, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by EssayJay. @ Ken – Yeah, I realize there’s a bunch of recipes and dishes out there done with Vienna Sausage. As for deviled meat spread out of the can, I once worked with a former Army Sergeant who introduced me to a popular combat field snack they used to eat. 5 min, 4 ingredients. In New England we added Vienna sausages to American Indian succatash (stewed yellow sweet corn and lima beans). Pomai, The following recipe you dismissed as being mainland however it is in the following book you can purchase … I think I might get some the next time and challenge my kids to a duel. Vienna Sausage Appetizers. I guess Vienna sausages are an acquired taste? And this is eating it straight out of the can at room temp’, not pan-fried, as most (sane) folks would do to serve it. Reply. Make Vienna sausage pigs in a blanket for an easy appetizer. They were darker and richer tasting than the competition and the liquid in the can was also darker. Pomai, there are 100s of recipes for Vienna sausage! But, I cannot bring myself to eat vienna sausage. lol. rolls. where there’s hickory smoke, there’s fire! Heated up though. My Mother use to cook this when I growing up and my children grew up on it to! Your email address will not be published. I take it you’re referring to a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony 茶の湯 revolving around green tea, where pretty finger foods (the colored ‘n buttered bread cutouts) are served with it. I wonder if you guys are actually referring to a classic Van Camp’s product called Beenee Weenee?…, Gotta’ say, that name is so wrong in modern day street slang, yet fun, all the same! When we were kids any caffeine drinks, coffee, tea were forbidden except for our tea parties. See, I told you there’s at least one “chemical” ingredient with at least 4 syllables in “erythorbate”, which I won’t bother looking up, nor do I want to know. While I haven’t seen the movie yet, we had a “Sausage Party” of our own recently out of sheer lunchtime boredom, comparing the well known brand Libby’s® Vienna Sausage with a knock-off under Walmart’s Great Value™ brand. I’ll eat it if it’s say, in an omelette like this…. I remember small kid time going fishing with my dad and for lunch he would bring along a couple of cans of Vienna sausage, a can of pork & beans and a half a loaf of sandwich bread. Vienna spread with egg, mayo, green sweet relish spread on crackers or Vienna fried rice are quick and easy. Lay each piece of dough on a flat surface and then lay a sausage on each piece. These simple snacks will be a big hit with your family or guests. September 6, 2016 at 11:29 am. THAT I gotta’ try! went well with ketchup, shoyu-vinegar, & rice or, beer!