Are you selling to consumers directly from your farm or selling your products to wholesale or retailers do matter and will have an impact on your business. Shortage of food will lead to poor growth rates and poor egg production. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});Here are are the major steps to start poultry farming in Nigeria. Your logo represents the brand and will appear on your farm products, websites, visiting cards, advertisements and in every possible marketing domain. They are not kept in camps or enclosures. As a matter of fact, they have been used by farmers to control insect invasion of the farm. As shown above, there are more reasons for you to start guinea fowl rearing. Apart from the financial aspects, the architecture setup and location requirements depend upon the sub-sector you choose. Some of Nigeria Government agricultural agencies and other organizations such as IITA and the ministry of Agriculture can point you in the right direction on this. Chickens can destroy vegetables and flowers in gardens. Because the birds move almost every day, there is little possibility of diseases and parasites developing in one place. Mostly, poultry farms raise birds such as domestic fowl or chicken as broilers and layers, duck, goose, quail, guinea fowl, turkey, pigeon, and peacock. Throughout my ten years in the business, I have seen individuals abandoning such project half way. So, focus on the equipment such as fences, housing, waterers and feeders. If that is the case, how much does it cost to start a poultry farm? As shown above, the cost of setting up a poultry farm may a bit high; nevertheless, the financial rewards outweigh the the investment. Poultry Farming: How an Absolute Beginner Can Start. The birds find their own food. For broiler production the deep litter system has to be used. © 2020 Agriculture Goods. The hens must be fed rations which contain enough vitamin D to prevent bone diseases as well as producing very thin egg shells. Understand who your local buyers are. Because the hens do not receive sunlight, their bodies cannot manufacture vitamin D which is essential for health. About 300 birds can be kept on 1 hectare of land. Marketing is a prime aspect to do any business. I am sure it is the same for you. In commercial chicken farming, there is less choice. Equally important in this business is the feeding of your birds. Although, many people do not like to eat the quail egg because it is small compared to chicken egg. The concrete floor is covered with litter. Why do they say that? Renew the poultry birds every to scale up the productivity. Sometimes the hens have some form of nest in which to lay their but usually they make their own nests under a bush or in a box. There are two types of poultry farming: Broilers and Layers. Similar to the broiler is the cockerels that are reared for meat production. But, the first thing to remember is that it is a kind of farming that deals with raising of different birds. If you do, this article will complement your knowledge; and if you do not, it will act as a starting point on all you need to know. For this reason, let us take a deeper look into the world of poultry farming in Nigeria and around the world. The reason for this is that lands are cheaper to get in these areas. The same type of building is used as in the deep litter system. Nevertheless, you should provide optimum poultry farm for them; this will help their growth and egg production. Giving them quality fresh and nutritious food regularly is key to success in poultry farming business; also, good water intake alongside the food keeps the bird healthy and highly productive. Broilers are chicken, raised for the sole purpose of production of meat. Some poultry farmers are mainly into this business to raise the birds, mate them and let them reproduce. That is to say, how you house your birds. Are you building a portable chicken coop? This is straw or sawdust which is about 15 cm deep. Let us take a look at these advantages; starting with the end users. The battery cage system is used only for egg production. Poultry Farming is one of the most profitable business when it comes to agriculture and animal rearing. Goose birds farming is profitable; in fact three goose farmers recently made a testimonial on their experience on this. My thought is as good as yours. As can be seen, housing play an important role when setting up your poultry farming business; as a matter of fact, the basic requirements are: The basic requirements for poultry housing are: space; ventilation; light; and protection.