The Shade was retconned to an English gentleman named Richard Swift, a young man in the year 1838. Well, Courtney is stronger than ever now that she's mastered the cosmic staff, but these villains have even given the Justice League a run for their money. First Look: Javicia Leslie's Batwoman Gets a New Suit. In 2009, the Shade was ranked as IGN's 89th-greatest villain of all time.[4]. It seems more classic DC characters will be heading to Stargirl as the roles of Eclipso and The Shade have been cast. And why should Stargirl be worried? The whole affair is a setup; the Ludlow family is in fact a band of killers and swindlers, who have grown wealthy killing their wealthy business partners and then kill a vagrant in the vicinity to give the impression of a failed robbery/homicide. The comic book villain "the Shade" uses his power of perpetual night to cast a blanket of darkness over various parts of the world. In the final issue of Starman, Jack apparently is able to stop the disease before it has the chance to affect Shade; whether this actually changes the future is never revealed. Shade made his first live-action appearance on the third season of The Flash played by Mike McLeod. Fate once remarked that even the Spectre would have serious difficulty dealing with the Shade, possibly due to the origin of his powers (the former realm of a divine entity on par with God). Interested in Digital Spy's weekly newsletter? During the Infinite Crisis, he is seen using his powers to help Opal citizens by protecting the buildings they are in (though, in a remark full of his trademark cynicism, he comments he is not doing it to save the citizens themselves, but, rather, he is "saving the architecture"). In this new timeline, a 12-issue series has the Shade survive an assassination attempt, then travel the world to uncover the people behind it. [31] He is heavily resistant to damage, as seen when a demolition bomb falls on him, leaving him only slightly dazed. At some point in his life, The Shade joined the Injustice Society of America, and was a participant in the destruction of the Justice Society, using his abilities to attack and consume Dr. He informs Garrick that the insane supervillain Prometheus has ordered a series of attacks on various superheroes (including Batwoman, Barry Allen, Crimson Avenger, and Stargirl) in order to distract them from a sinister master plan. Charles Dickens' story The Old Curiosity Shop features an English rake also named Richard, and a dwarf named Quilp. [13], Shade has an active part in an adventure of Jack's involving a demon hidden within a poster that can snatch innocent people and drag them into Hell. Unaware that Culp's consciousness is actually within the Shade, he and Dr. His shadow begins expanding into the universe and threatens areas protected by the Legion. [21], During Blackest Night, Shade is in a relationship with Hope O'Dare, and claims that he is in love with her. As time went on, the Shade turned away from villainy and eventually became a mentor to the newest version of Starman. Since the end of the Starman (vol. Only a young pair of twins, absent from the excursion, survive. The Shade was introduced in Flash Comics #33, as a villain for the original Flash, Jay Garrick. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [16], Another notable point during the series' run came when the Godwave struck the DC universe, depowering almost all superheroes. The following evening Swift meets one of his true friends, the author Charles Dickens. At one point, Culp takes full control to talk to Jack, in the process making a mistake about the name of a Wilde story. However, he was originally introduced as a Flash villain back in 1942’s Flash Comics #33 and indeed made an appearance on The CW’s The Flash during the show’s third season.