Last weekend I went kayaking/fishing in Brush Hollow Reservoir near Penrose, Colorado, and yesterday, I went to Eleven Mile Reservoir near Lake George, Colorado.. Anglers caught trout on swimbaits and rapalas. Jeff, fishing in his MC13 at Brush Hollow. The mean minimum temperature will be -11°C, dipping to its lowest on the morning of Thursday 3rd at -14°C. The new ramp hours are 7am to 7pm, effective September 8th. Eleven Mile State Park, Colorado, USA - Current weather, an hourly forecast for today, tomorrow, detailed 10-day weather forecast and long range monthly outlook. When not reeling in a trophy rainbow, brown, cutthroat, kokanee or pike, there are nearly five miles of scenic hiking and biking trails that await exploration. Current conditions, warnings and historical records Northern pike seem to be most active in weeds or around rocks." Flows have dropped considerably over the last week, opening up a lot more terrain for wade fishermen and making more of the river itself usable to the resident trout population. Trolling, pitching, and shoreline fishing were all productive last week." Look for transitions from slow to fast or shallow to deeper water, as well as deeper riffles to find fish mid-day. We also damaged the prop and the point of the lower shaft. ... Eleven Mile Reservoir - KCOLAKEG6. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. For some areas of Colorado, rain and snow have put much needed water back into lakes, rivers, and streams. Only the North Boat Ramp is currently open and operates from one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset.Spinney Mountain Reservoir, As of 9/7/2020, there have been reports that fish have been very active in the morning hours. Restricted to artificial flies and lures only. de: Eleven Mile State Park, Colorado, USA, en: Eleven Mile State Park, Colorado, USA. Weather Atlas: Eleven Mile State Park, CO - Detailed weather forecast, long range monthly outlook and climate information. ANS inspections are available 6am to 8pm and decontaminations are available 8am to 7pm at the main boat ramp.Boyd Lake, As of 9/5/2020, recent water temperature measurements have been recorded in the mid-70's and water level was noted to be low. For more information call 303-326-8424. (More Info). in the mornings and switch to a deep dry-dropper or nymph rig through the afternoon heat to try to reach fish seeking cooler temperatures lower in the water column. ( Log Out /  Early mornings and evenings have been the fishing hours. Flows: 220 CFS at Helca Junction (9/10/2020) Arkansas River Arkansas River - Buena Vista to Salida, As of 9/10/2020, Lathrop State Park rangers note that "trout fishing has been less productive with the hotter temperatures. Some anglers have had some success using artificial plastic baits at about 20-30'. "Martin Lake, As of 9/7/2020, Randy, a guide with Fishing with Bernie, reports that "water capacity is 89%. The angler reported having little success trolling on the lake and their experience was backed up with testimony from boat inspectors who regularly communicate with boaters coming off the water.Blue Mesa Reservoir, As of 9/10/2020, staff at James M. Robb Colorado River State Park report that "trout fishing has slowed with the warmer summer temperatures. Currently, you'll want to focus on fishing the soft pockets of slower water along the edges, dropoffs and mid-stream pocket water with a dry-dropper or nymph rig, switching to smaller dry mayfly imitations if you encounter a hatch. As of this writing, the Animas has dropped nearly 15 degrees and water flows have increased. There have been reports of anglers catching many fish but most are measured around 17". Anglers and writers consistently tout Eleven Mile’s large reservoir for its outstanding fishing. Boat ramps are open with inspection hours 5am-12am and decontamination hours 8am-7pm. ANS stations are open 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week at the following boat ramps: South Bay Ramp and Inlet Bay Ramp (closes for season 9/15/2020).Horsetooth Reservoir, As of 8/21/2020, reports from Antero Reservoir indicate that fishing continues to be good. Breckenridge, CO US. Orange was a very good color in general last week. For more information call 303-326-8425. Mixed age groups can be found in 70 to 80'. Established in 1970, the 7,662-acre (31.01 km2) park surrounds 3,405-acre (13.78 km2), 5.5 miles (8.9 km) long Eleven Mile Reservoir. ( Log Out /  I built both of these boats myself (see previous posts). (More Info), The total amount of cloud as a percentage is derived from looking at cloud cover throughout the atmosphere and estimating how these combine when looked at from the ground. Crappie and bass fishing on Horseshoe has been productive with most anglers stating that artificial lures, jigs, plastic worms, and spinners result in the most takes. Expect to see some grasshopper, golden stonefly and caddis activity north of Buena Vista. (More Info), The wind direction we use on this page is the direction the wind is coming from, given in a 16 point compass format. ( Log Out /  [598798], Weather Atlas | © 2002-2020 | Yu Media Group d.o.o. According to the US Forest Service, "all trailered and motorized watercraft are only allowed from 7am to 5pm Thursdays through Sundays when CPW is performing aquatic nuisance species inspections. Most of the brown trout action will happen early in the morning and late in the evening." Grand Lake, As of 9/7/2020, Fishing with Bernie guides report that "fishing for rainbow trout continues to be slow from the bank. The main and Heron Cove boat ramps are currently open. Fishing from the south shore has been successful with all species. NOAA weather radar, satellite and synoptic charts. For Elevenmile Canyon Reservoir in the coming two weeks the average daytime maximum temperature will be around 0°C, with a high for the two weeks of 6°C expected on the afternoon of Saturday 28th. The going was slow and I was getting tired, so I made my way into a little cove in the Backcountry camping area and rested again. Surface water temperature has been recently recorded between 72-75 degrees. Commissions do not influence editorial independence. As of 9/4/2020, water temperature was recently measured at 71 degrees. High near 40F. Daily species possession limits are as follows: trout, 4 total, two over 16" and two under 16", or four under 16"; salmon, 10; pike and crawdads, unlimited. (More Info), When we measure for forecast air pressure we are normally doing this relative to a certain height and most commonly relative to Mean Sea Level. The ANS inspection station is open 6am-8pm daily at the South Ramp and 6am 8pm Th.-Su. Owners should be aware that inspections at Eleven Mile Reservoir will be required every time the vessel enters the ramp area for launching unless the vessel has an untampered inspection strap attached to its bow that was placed upon it at either Eleven Mile or Spinney Mountain Reservoirs. 12" to 15" fish are common and the best luck is in the early morning or late evenings. Tubes and grubs tipped with sucker meat are getting bit." You may still hand launch small non-trailered boats, however, all motors must still be inspected prior to launching." Eleven Mile Reservoir. Laura King Van Dusen, "Forty-Six Years in Howbert: 1887-1933: Former Ranching, Railroading Community Covered by Eleven-Mile Reservoir", CO State Park map of Eleven Mile Reservoir,!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gDfxMDT8MwRydLA1cj72BTJw8jAwjQL8h2VAQAzHJMsQ! I left the shelter of Deer Island to make my way back to the parking area near Coyote Ridge. Cottontail rabbit, white-tailed jackrabbit, coyote, muskrat and ground squirrels are commonly seen in the park. "Jackson Gulch Reservoir, As of 9/10/2020, the staff at Lathrop State Park report that "hot and sunny conditions have led to unproductive fishing, especially for trout. The water in Brush Hollow was cool so, I wore mostly neoprene, however the water at Eleven Mile was quite cold so I wore neoprene gloves, sea hood, top, pants, and boots and then added a dry top and dry pants over that. Bow anglers have also been having success finding carp along shorelines. All types of baits and lures work well. 41 ° Snow Showers 40° / --Variably cloudy with snow showers. Activity among brown trout is starting to pick up. We've had some great reports from anglers working the edges with large attractor dry/dropper setups, and flies that imitate grasshoppers and stoneflies are usually the ticket. Shore and boat fisherman are both hauling in fish right now. Water level was described as being low with water temperature being record at about 68 degrees. Jigs, 2-4", tipped with sucker meat worked on the bottom has produced most of the lake trout. The North/Marina boat ramp is currently open and ANS inspections are available Su.-Th., 8am-4pm; Fr.-Sa., 7am-8pm.Stagecoach Reservoir, As of 8/31/2020, Lake John Resort reports "the Delaneys are picking up with activity. Even if nothing is hatching, you'll likely find opportunistic, competitive fish taking refuge in velocity shelters looking for an easy meal. Highs 1 to 3C and lows -9 to -7C. Lake John. Kokanee are slow due to lack of population, but a few are being caught in 40-50'. I prefer to use my CLC Mill Creek 13 for fishing and river trips, but when I’m just out to paddle I use the sleeker/faster CLC Chesapeake 17LT.