Sign In launch. "So I had to ask him: If you could customize a mic specificically for you, what would it be? Shure Incorporated | It's simple, rockin' the white powder coating with a little pizzaz added with the red foam. … The new red silks went into place without any glue. The Shure Super 55 deluxe vocal microphone is a special edition that features a black casing with a vibrant red foam behind the grille. The 55SH Series II has a low-impedance balanced output designed for connection to microphone inputs rated at 75 to 300 ohms. I looked on the Shure official Website and found no parts listing for the 55SH Series II. Red and black are bold colors by themselves, but when put together they really pop to the human eye. Shure has collaborated with Adam Levine to launch AONIC 215, a modular true wireless earphone with sound isolating technology offering up to 8 hours... Shure has released their first over-ear wireless headphone in collaboration with Adam Levine. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "ecoustics"; A friend told me that SHURE also offers the “S” self adhesive round logo in red and blue as well as the standard silver that can be used on the S55 and S55SH Series II microphones to match the red and blue silks. Super 55-BCR - $354; black case with red foam; limited production run; supercardioid;& improved frequency response; low impedance only; no switch 2014 5575LE - $499; limited edition reissue of the original model 55; cardioid; special packaging; metal carrying case; reissued S36B Art Deco mic stand; XLR-XLR cable with one right angle connector; no switch ... technical support materials, software and firmware, and other tools and resources for all Shure products, in one place. The Super 55 offers the highest degree of vocal quality in a vintage package. I knew singers and bands used them to create sound, but that was about it. Features of the Special Edition Super 55: Pricing and Availability The Shure Special Edition Super 55 carries a two-year limited warranty and can be purchased at Guitar Center for $299. If you could have any Shure microphone custom made for you, what would it be and why? "The favorite custom mics that I worked on were the custom painted Super … Discussion in 'Microphones, Speakers & Audio Processing' started by N2CG, Jan 28, 2014. Is there a sourced for red or blue foam material that can be used in this microphone that will maintain the exact operating characteristics as the original form? This allows the Model 55SH Series II to be used in close proximity to loudspeakers without creating feedback problems, and it can perform under adverse acoustic conditions where omnidirectional microphones cannot. The 55SH Series II has a cardioid (unidirectional) polar pickup pattern that minimizes sound pickup from the rear of the microphone. “This Special Edition is perfect for performers and music enthusiasts who are looking for a more unique aesthetic and cutting-edge design, but still appreciate the timeless style and cultural significance represented by these historic microphones.” — Terri Hartman, Shure's Director of Marketing Communications From storage and antenna management, to connectivity and mounting, don’t forget to check on what’s available for your favorite products, or available for replacement if necessary. These two are THE duo for custom Shure mics. It's by … A style icon with substantial sound. I used VM&P Naphtha (charcoal or cigarette lighter fluid can also be used) to soak the original sponge material off the inside of the front and rear housings and used a popsicle stick to gingerly rub off the sponge material from the black tar like cement that SHURE used to secure the silks in place. All is see on eBay are diferent colored windscreens for the Shure SM58 microphone. 55s sh is the coolest looking mic ever made ! Good luck ! AONIC 50 features adjustable noise cancellation and 20 hours of battery... Shure just announced the world’s first Sound Isolating electrostatic earphone and amplifier system, for use with portable and traditional media players. Easy to setup and use all-in-one wireless music player combines a stereo integrated amplifier, DAC, streaming player and app for audiophile-grade listening. The Super 55 is a high-output, dynamic vocal microphone designed for stage and … $349 open-back headphone will amaze first time listeners who have never tried planar magnetic headphones. Already I've learned a lot about microphones and all the little things that make each Shure microphone unique; however I know there are still many people out there like me pre-Mic 101 with Rich and Nelson that don't have a clue about the intricacies of microphones. Brooke Giddens is an Artist Marketing Specialist at Shure with a background in breakfast, the frisbee, and becoming emotionally involved with TV shows. I like this twist, it makes the microphone a little more unique and gives it some flavor. I've always been one for originality and simplicity and this mic hits both those. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; amzn_assoc_title = ""; 1989 55SH Series II - $189; cardioid; low impedance only; new mic element 2009 "The favorite custom mics that I worked on were the custom painted Super 55s for Talib Kweli and Mos Def, said Henninger. It's by far my favorite Talib mic!One of the guys behind the scenes of Talib Kweli and Mos Def's mics is Project Manager Andy Henninger. November 19, 2020, Gemma Stenberg | For those of you who don't know, Mos Def is also part of a duo called Black Star with friend and fellow Shure endorser Talib Kweli. Spec Sheet … Required fields are marked *. I have a modest collection of microphones and the 55sh is the toughest to get a GREAT sound. The design of Shure's Super 55 microphone is an industry and cultural icon. Classic looking mic with supercardioid polar pattern and tailored frequency response for vocals. Was that a Shure model 55 series microphone with red colored screen material used during the recent 56th GRAMMYs? Oh.. BTW they call it microphone silk. This microphone is ideal for public address or theater-stage sound systems, as well as for broadcasting, recording, and other sound applications where a stand-mounted microphone with a classic look is desirable. This product meets the Essential Requirements of all relevant European directives and is eligible for CE marking. Known for its excellent sound quality and natural vocal reproduction, Shure created a Special Edition Super 55 microphone that features a sharp new red and black color scheme and is available only at Guitar Center. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "shure special edition"; Talib Kweli has style with this guy. Super 55. The Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Microphone combines the vintage design of the original with a stunning upgrade in audio performance. After seeing all these incredible custom Shure microphones and hearing about Andy's dream custom mic, it made me wonder how I would customize mine if I had one. The Special Edition Super 55 incorporates modern technology while paying tribute to the original Shure Unidyne — the first single-element unidirectional microphone — introduced in 1939. The Super 55 features the signature chrome-plated die-cast body, redesigned name plate, striking blue foam windscreen, and a smooth frequency response for natural vocals. Drum roll please…Meet the white and red Shure Super 55 microphone: I love it. Check out more custom mics in the gallery below!So what about you? Impressive, neutral sounding $500 over-ear headphones should appeal to audiophiles who want to hear everything, not just feel the bass. Here are two of Talib Kweli's custom mics. You don't need to speak french to hear how good a pair of $990 bookshelf speakers sound. 's performance on SNL in December where lead singer Nate Ruess used a customized SM58 to belt out their hit "Some Nights. Then on the left we see a black and forest green combination that looks representative of military colors. No microphone knowledge needed, only a love for killer customized mics!To start, some of you may have seen Fun.