Delivery was received the following week and the brew is alive and kicking. Delivery times are quoted in business days for metro areas only and are estimates only. I am looking forward to drinking my new tea. The scoby and cloth arrived at my home very securely packaged and in really good time. Please note all shipping rates here are an estimation and subject to change. And good backup on the website. I appreciate the amount of information that is available on line with Q and A information that is extremely helpful. Adelaide CBD, SA. Cheers. Discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago and used to promote health and long lifeKombucha Tea has a pleasantly-surprising tang of vinegar and the effervescent sweetness of a carbonated soft drink. Thanks Karl for a great scoby, useful tips and fast shipping. If you have any questions please just give me a call: 0411248629. Fast shipping, easy to use product, good communication, overall very happy. The Scoby and Starter liquid is packaged in a BPA FREE bag. First batch of kombucha was delicious! For the DIYers out there looking to brew their own, we offer kombucha SCOBY starter kits for only 19.95 AUD, posted straight to your door, with free shipping. $10. The Homemade Kombucha Co. ships to Adelaide with flat-rate postage Australia Wide. This was my first ever time making kombucha, and i was so happy with the result. The only plastic you will get is the vacuum seal pack for the SCOBY – this is nylon which is one of the best materials available. Shipping times are provided by our couriers and can vary depending on shipping location and other external factors. 8L Deluxe Kombucha Tea Brewing Kit Organic Scoby! Am now brewing my first batch and very excited about it. Really yummy. Both have arrived quickly and work really well. You’ll need sugar cane, tea, Kombucha Starter liquid, and, the most important ingredient, the Scoby. Definitely recommend. Couldn’t be happier, bought a scobi and made my first batch and it was amazing! We make sure our SCOBYs never touch metals. Instead, it’s packed with antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins that help you stay healthier than ever! During sale periods, please allow additional time to receive your order. Discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago and used to promote health and long lifeKombucha Tea has a pleasantly-surprising tang of vinegar and the effervescent sweetness of a carbonated soft drink. The 4L jar, temperature strip and scoby arrived in very good time. We’ll tell more once it’s done! Instructions were clear and easy and first 2 batches are perfect! Sometimes there might be free Scoby for who enjoy making Kombucha! Great service and really great product, love the taste, can't stop drinking it. Arrived quickly, great instructions and feel there is plenty of help if you need it. I would highly recommend Karl Kombucha to all my family and friends. I think I'm going to have to get a bigger jar though as I can't keep up with demand. The winners of the giveaway prize will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and Email newsletter – to claim your prize you must email us at, Anyone living in Australia is eligible to enter the contest – we will ship your prize Australia wide. Subscribe to Our Newsletter for 15% off SCOBYs and 8L Fermenters. Thank you for your efficient service and quality product. Arrived swiftly and I will get started immediately. Cheap plastic home brewing kits are popular for a lot of people who sell SCOBYs commercially. If you are based in Melbourne then we can organise an order pick up for you. The supply of SCOBY and starter liquid was well packaged along with excellent instructions for a beginner like myself. Karl kombucha proved a quality product an and great follow up support to its customers and I would recommend them to anybody wanting to enter the Kombucha world, Bought 2 scobys, which arrived in excellent condition. Tastes ok though. The SCOBY and tea arrived promptly. I am so thrilled with my kombucha. Find out why good quality starter liquid is so important. Excellent product, fantastic information & great price. I commend Karl for turning what is probably a passion into a successful business and wish him well with it. Still brewing! We will never spam you – our newsletters are focused on homemade kombucha brewing tips, recipes and the occasional sale! I’ll leave everything alone for another 5-6 days before I think of decanting any and adding a new brew of tea to the vessel. Normal sugar also goes through pretty involved chemical processing which we prefer to avoid. Kind regards, Denis. Combine the ingredients by following the easy to use instruction and simply setting it out on your counter for few days. Great product. Highly recommend KarlKombucha. Karl was very responsive to any questions I had. 4L Deluxe Kombucha Tea Brewing Kit Organic Scoby! Kombucha-scoby and starter 500ml tea and scoby. Take care of your gut and your gut will take care of you.