Create a free website or blog at (, Thanks for your nice words! Still, the pans, at least, are good quality and are therefore worth their asking price. I find it difficult to mix brown or mud with that combination. I've been alternating between this and Daniel Smith and Winsor and Newton. Yes mixing the browns can be difficult so i usually get some earth colours (some brands are easier to mixes) I am now planing to buy some Gouache, do you have any recommendations? Ultramarine with Yellow Ochre produces a warm low intensity almost olive green. There's no honey content so tube paint dries matte you're in a really humid place). Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. The pigment load in the Schmincke watercolours is very high, making it easy to achieve a deep, solid colour in very few layers. Here’s the colour chart for the Schmincke watercolours I have (they are not as faint as they look here; the light was poor when I took the photo and my auto-adjustment on my iPad camera overcompensated a bit). There are a lot of pigments in here that I’ve never heard of before, so hopefully there aren’t any issues with lightfastness (except for Brilliant Opera Rose; any of the bright, borderline fluorescent ‘opera’ colours are generally very fugitive). As these are fairly common colours and were bought from an online shop which I would expect to have a fast stock turnover (ie. I falsely believed that I could paint with Schmincke for a few weeks to formulate my opinion and then be ready to write this review. ( Log Out /  But I switched to “white nights aquarellfarben”.by Jax Artcompany. Actual primary colours not round this set you need yellow magenta and cyan saddly so many places talk yellow red blue. I'm quite satisfied with this 12 half pan watercolour set. Cadmium Red tends to produced more toned down purple, mauve, while Permanent Carmine goes towards purple and violet. Besides these three colours I chose some earth colours and two that are great for painting skin tones. T: Transparent Of the 110, 70 are single pigment paints and the use of good reliable pigments is prevalent in this brand. ( Log Out /  In that regard, Schmincke Pearl Metallics are probably better, because aside from one or two colours, all the colours in this set have a good lightfastness rating. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! ( Log Out /  They also dry and re-wet well, characteristics typically associated with tube colours squeezed into pans. Submitted by M. K. on December 17, 2019 - 10:14pm. Each colour contains a combination of granulating pigments which separate and settle into the paper surface for textural watercolour effects. Also red is not green oppsite colour. But seriously, it would be quite difficult for me to tell the difference between the Schmincke and Winston Newton 12 pan sets. By the time I learned of these sets, the 18-colour boxes (which apparently contained a few varieties of gold and silver in addition to the colours included in the 12 set) were no longer available, so I bought the 12-colour set from Jackson’s for about $90 AUD. @M. K. This time I chose the tubes. So it's best to test these colours under exposed sunlight if you do want to use them for your professional art. This was like finding a palette unicorn, so I ordered […] While bumming around on Instagram one day, I saw a post from Jackson’s in the UK saying they had a hefty discount on watercolour paints, and since I can never resist art supply sales, I decided to see if there was anything on their site I wanted. This was with Transparent Yellow (PY150), Magenta (PV42) and Cobalt Blue Deep (PB74). The rest are mostly opaque and semi opaque. Find more reviews at Dick Blick Art Materials (US) | Jackson's Art (UK), Submitted by Luke Girdlestone on September 10, 2017 - 7:20pm, I was wondering if the Noodler's Konrad will fit in this palette, looking to grab the both in the near future for my birthday, Submitted by Teoh Yi Chie on September 10, 2017 - 8:18pm. My least favourite colour is Venetian Red because it's too opaque. They had a deal where if you bought a few of the new watercolours, you’d get a sheet with a dot of each of the new colours to try. the tubes shouldn’t have been sitting on a shelf for several years before I bought them), this was disappointing. How on earth will I remember which is the light resistant one? Update 20th February, 2017: In January 2017, I got an email from Jacksons in the UK about how Schmincke had released 35 new colours (some reformulated versions of old colours and some completely new pigments to their range). Those not adjusted have grain texture from the white uncoloured areas. Hi Greenlakeblue, it means a lot that you enjoyed it! Review: Schmincke 12 half-pan watercolour box set, gave it a 100-300 days rating,, Parkablog's privacy and affiliate link policy. The difference between two pocket brushes is just amazing. Submitted by Teoh Yi Chie on May 21, 2014 - 2:40pm. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Half of what drew me to it was the cute design on the tin. Thank you Jill Kuhn. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Note that Sepia Brown has three pigments, and Permanent Olive Green has two. Phthalo Blue has weak tinting strength and takes more effort to get a intense mixture out of it. There are some lovely granulating colours here as well; Mars Black, French Ultramarine, Mahogany Brown, Potter’s Pink (a useful colour for landscapes) and my favourite, Cobalt Violet Hue. In terms of performance, the Schmincke Pearl Metallic watercolours rewet fairly easily in the pans, though not quite as easily as non-metallic colours. I didn’t like the Schmincke tubes I had, but I am very impressed with the pan watercolours, though there are cheaper paints out there that are of comparable quality. There’s also a bunch of new reds that will make floral artists happy, and a lot of transparent earths that will go well in landscapes or portraits. I just love the granulation of Cobalt Blue Deep (PB74). Artist, Anna Zadorozhnaya, shares her thoughts on … I use all kinds of brands for sketches and small paintings but for serious paintings I use mostly Sennelier. All Rights ReservedCopyright, Privacy Policy & Disclosures, Woodward & Father Watercolor Palette Review, Strathmore Visual Watercolor Journal Review, Sketchbooks for Light Sketching & Watercolor. That fountain pen is not going to fit. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Half-Pan Paint Metal Set with 12 Open Spaces, Set of 12 Colors (74412097) at Beautiful work Magny! Submitted by Teoh Yi Chie on May 21, 2014 - 2:40pm. ( Log Out /  @Luke Girdlestone And then I received a few of their paints along with Schmincke's massive 23-page color chart. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Find more reviews at Dick Blick Art Materials (US) | Jackson's Art (UK), Submitted by Aira Bai on June 30, 2020 - 3:32am, Schmincke Turner's Yellow, Geranium Red and Delft Blue At the time of writing this post, Jackson’s site indicates they only have one of these sets left in stock. These are the basic colours of the rainbow and you can make all the other colours from these. Ole their is only theory new is fact. are© Magny Tjelta 2014-16 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Daler Rowney Aquafine cold press watercolour paper 300 GSM, Saunders Waterford cold press watercolour paper 300 GSM. This means the colours are denser and more vibrant. Submitted by Han TULPAR on August 9, 2019 - 1:17am. Allowed HTML tags:
    1. . Everything will be glitter. Guess I'll have to carry it in a pocket then, like a pedestrian haha. All personal images and ideas For me the primary colours (magenta (red but looks like pink), cyan (blue) and primary yellow.) If you are doing illustrations or working in an art journal or sketch book , they are all good.