The debates often spark interest in the “moderator role” and how that differs from the “facilitator role.” A facilitator is someone who helps a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan to achieve those goals without taking a particular position in the discussion. A smug “You’re all old pros at this so we don’t need any prep, right?” and then at the start of the session: “And now let’s hear from (looks down at conference program) Joe Schmoe. Orderly Conduct. As the speakers need to be regulated on time, so do audience members asking questions. Still be true to who you are but a few acting (sorry presentation) lessons never hurt , i haven’t been reading about this lately , Great ! Moderators should set the stage. A seminar based on content in combination with an award-ceremony, for instance. One of the key traits of effective session moderators is that they are there to facilitate the session, not to dominate it. The main thing for you, is to decide what you expect from the role of the moderator, and how this relates to his knowledge of the topic. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Here is a summary of what the moderator does to engage the audience: Introduce the presentation Make sure everything runs on time Keep the audience in the loop … The talk will provide an understanding of the priorities and relationships between deficit reduction contributions, in the context of wider scheme funding, and different types of value outflow from the employer based on the working party’s recently published report. The IFoA will provide you with a template invoice to use, and this invoice will be processed by a member of the IFoA’s Assessment team. It’s cool that you were proactive about it . Depending on the time available for audience Q/A there might be  a need for an opening question to the panel and then a transition to the audience. Moderators get copied on an email to the speakers with all the details of the session and after that, what happens is anybody’s guess depending on the people involved. Joe, please introduce yourself.”  Then when each speaker is done (as the red light beeps on the time and doesn’t get reset) “let’s go to audience questions”. - the celebrity. You put a great deal of effort in making your meeting brilliant; then why in general is no effort at all put into fine-tuning the moderation? At the same time, the move to online banking is making it easier for firms including fintechs to enter banking without having to establish branch networks. Don’t be afraid to create controversy Typically not. My experience is that the moderator is asked to perform their role after the session topic and speakers have been selected. Volunteering provides you with a wide range of opportunities. B2B Marketing views, news and interviews. Sometimes, someone from within the organisation will get the best connection to the participants, sometimes the neutral outsider will do the trick. Patrick Kennedy, Partner at Gateley Legal and Founding Director of Entrust (a leading professional pensions trustee company), will be delivering an update on the latest legal developments during the course of 2020. In some instances, the speakers never hear from the moderator until 10 min before the session begins. A programme hardly ever will be built on only one moderating skill. On the other hand, the moderator can reply to the conference email with an introduction and a description of how the session will run, offering speakers opportunities for input, discussion and to get everyone on the same page. As a moderator, what can you do to make your subject matter expert comfortable? Or the award-lover, who will not ruin your seminar? Preparation is key! The right mix of elements will get you a chain-reaction, leading to whatever you want: heat, cold, light, electricity, oxygen… even explosion or fireworks. On being a great moderator, I would add more on Research, Creative and Planning. If you want to be the star, switch seats and be a panelist. On successful completion of the services, you will be required to submit an invoice to the IFoA. And made my jaw drop with the comment how a moderator made “an offer” to the audience (and, no, it wasn’t “what an awesome idea” going through my head when that happened) =) A good moderator will comunicate with the speaker(s) before the event if they know their business. But when it comes to meetings and events, this chemistry turns out to be not all that easy. Do they do more than just lob questions at the experts? Moderator roles in a seminar 1. A fine looking audience at PRSA International 2010. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and revised Privacy Policy. Your moderator will have to be able to perform a few characteristics in the course of the day. One particular role I’ve played besides speaking, being a media sponsor and serving on the advisory board is to be a session moderator. As a CERA seminar Moderator you must also be able to demonstrate: A CERA qualification is useful, but not a mandatory requirement. This means, that a moderator can make small changes to who he is and how he acts, but can not become a different person. There’s the conference organizer and all that comes with the logistics of running the event, programming content and facilitating sponsors and advertisers. Thanks! Cheers, The one-fits-all moderator does not exist. Administrative support for the role will be provided by the Partnership Executive and a guide will be provided containing full details of the role and responsibilities. So simply hiring only on the basis of a previous performance is not a guarantee. Welcoming Good morning everyone and welcome to ......... ............. My name is ................................ 3. Running off the £2 trillion of UK corporate sector defined benefit liabilities in an efficient and effective fashion is the biggest challenge facing the UK pensions industry. Kudos for highlighting the moderator’s role in a successful conference. A true professional will probably never score under 7 out of 10, but will score 8 or even 9 on only a few aspects of moderation. You should take into account, if it’s an award show full of happy people you’re organising or a town hall meeting with an angry mob. The first will be well-executed by someone with ‘showmanship’. The tasks of the moderator; The self-conception of the moderator; Roles and conflicts of interest, group vs. individual; Preparation of meeting moderation. And for trustees, it shifts the focus to providing greater certainty of returns, managing funding level volatility and ensuring they have enough income to pay cash-flow requirements. CERA seminars: at least four seminars are held in each calendar year, with the option for extra dates to be added if there is sufficient demand from members. The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ (IFoA’s) Engagement and Learning Directorate is seeking to appoint an Associate or Fellow into the role of Moderator for the CERA seminar pre-seminar work. The main requirement of the CERA seminar Moderator is to help maintain the examination and ethical standards of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. the models are submitted at various times throughout the four week period between the work being released and the online communities being opened. Please view our ‘what you need to know’ webpages before offering to provide support. But having moderated numerous panels, I gotta say that the experience of “Wow, this all came together – and it really rocked” is well worth it. While you were moderating? This is a great post, Lee. Back in February, when we asked the meeting professionals at our New York City event what role a facilitator plays in their meetings, almost 40% responded that they have one to help with the conversation..