You should watch "The Day After Tomorrow.". Posted by. Clue The third and final whodunit I watched this past month. This one in particular has at times been mentioned ad nauseam on this subreddit, so it was almost obvious to give it a go. Class segregation with fast-paced action. I remember watching Key and Peele's skits, which is probably why the movie caught me a bit off guard, but I still loved it. Horns Daniel Radcliffe is far from a one-trick-pony, and it was about time I watched something of him not donning a wizard outfit. Though quite long, all the different time periods and characters keep it refreshing for the whole duration. Make those Movie Suggestions. Snowpiercer Another one frequently mentioned, and with good reason. Reddit's universal >!Spoiler Tags!< are mandatory when discussing plot details of movies. Rising. It's incredibly thrilling all the way through, and the ending is very-well done.9/10, Annihilation (2018)Loved Ex Machina so much, I had to check out Garland's other work. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The concept is neat and pulls back the ugly mask of class warfare. Great visuals and good performances. I thought I knew what The Holy Mountain was and the movie kept breaking me of that assumption. Once again, the ending is handled very well. )8/10, Hero (2002)This is a straight-up an essential for anybody looking to go into film, it's storytelling is unique and it's topped all of the most beautiful movies of all time lists, and for good reason.9/10, Baby Driver (2017)This is just so universally enjoyable. People in this thread have recommended a ton of SciFi/Action movies that you will probably enjoy, although a few like the first Blade Runner might be a bit too slow. (AMAZING movie lol), "Silence" (Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield), and the Imitation Game and loved all of them. Sonatine (1993): A stylish yakuza film with some creative slapstick humor. Who cares if it is inspired by a board game? Here are … I just watched Chappie again for the 3rd time since they have released it on Netflix today. It’s on my top 10 as well. Cell phones removal is integral to horror plots to prevent the easy out of authorities and I applaud the smart script that made the removal very organic. User account menu. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows … Also recommend Blade Runner... Make sure it is Blade Runner: The Final Cut...and then watch Blade Runner 2049. The sequel was also enjoyable, but didn't quite capture the magic of the first one. Include the Film's Title in the Title of the Post. Completely forgot to mention minority report, definitely better than iRobot, I think I was just mentioning movies I’ve recently seen. It's a masterclass in editing, the music is awesome, the action is always fun, and the performances are really good. The lighting is fantastic, for a movie that takes place mostly at night and with very little light sources, the film comes through beautifully crisp with stark contrasts. It's thrilling to the end and I'll definitely be watching it again soon.9/10, Lost City of Z (2016)Wow. Lots of good twists, turns and deductive reasoning. I'm fond of magic realism used as training wheels for young adults to get a grip on real life and if you are too, I highly recommend The Little Prince. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hot. I’ll definitely check out Dark City. I’m a pretty big Sci-Fi and dystopian fan. Schwarzenegger is having a ball in this role, instead of the grumpy old man who has got to prove "he's still got it" like in his other Dad Porn films. Have a favourite movie you want to recommend? card. Press J to jump to the feed. It relied a lot on actual scares, which were normally done well, although both the screenplay and the performances weren't really great. There’s also a shorter version presented with then modern music (ie 1980’s music) produced by Giorgio Moroder. The acting, cinematography and period costumes all look great but those pale in comparison to what the lens bore through me. More posts from the MovieSuggestions community. But, I don't see myself coming back to watch it again, and I understand why people don't like it.8/10, Ex Machina (2014)This one was really good. A psychic sociopath uses and discards people at will finds an honest man who is immune to his powers.