Switch between modes (Video-> Photo-> Video) with a long press of the. Explore Trail Thermal Imaging Riflescopes TRAIL product range includes two lines of riflescopes Trail XQ38/XQ50 and Trail XP38/XP50. Database contains 1 Pulsar TRAIL LRF XP50 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Quick start manual . Problems described may arise in adverse weather conditions (snow, rain, fog etc.). ). 384x288 Sensor This prevents accidental disclosure. Find Dealer ; Authorized Dealer Search. smartphone) to your thermal imager. ITAR Product: ITAR ProductBy adding to cart, I understand, acknowledge, and agree to the Export Policy. Major features: Built-in precise laser rangefinder (up to 1000 m) ... Instruction manual Optics Trade Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50 Thermal Imaging Binocular Pulsar Accolade LRF XQ38 Thermal Imaging Binocular. The device in the VIDEO mode upon turning on. Video files are saved to the memory card after stopping video. Manual & Videos – MY ACCOUNT; 706-718-9789 ... Home General Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50. Trail sights from Pulsar have a wide range of applications including night hunting, observation and terrain orientation, search and rescue operations. If PiP mode is activated, the aiming reticle disappers upon activation of the rangefinder and the PiP window remains active. I am a US Person, and I do not intend to export this product. We are a trade only distributor, to order this product you will need an active dealer account. * Actual operating time depends on the extent of using Wi-Fi, integrated video recorder and integrated laser rangefinder. +Free Shipping. Ultramarine To select a rangefinding reticle, please go to the respective menu option. There are too many Wi-Fi networks in the area where the device is located which may cause signal interference. Your device will be detected by the computer automatically; no drivers need to be installed. Database contains 1 Pulsar TRAIL LRF XP50 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Quick start manual . concrete walls). You can also email your RFQ or Purchase Order to sales@scopelist.net or contact us +1-866-271-7212, $5,999.97 This text is a transcription of the file in PDF format. The state of the objective and eyepiece lenses (there should be no cracks, spot, dust, deposits etc. Also for: Xq28, Xq50, Xp38, Xp50, Xq30, Xq38. Delete the defective pixel with a short press of the. The latest edition of this user manual is available online at www.pulsar-vision.com. Scan the QR codes to download Stream Vision free of charge: Wireless remote control (RC) duplicates the power on function, digital zoom, rangefinder control, and menu navigation. Do not point the objective lens of the device at intensive sources of light such device emitting laser radiation or the sun. FEATURES. <> The number of recorded files is limited by the capacity of unit’s internal memory. To set up display brightness and contrast and continuous zoom, please refer to the QUICK MENU FUNCTIONS section. The device does not operate on external power supply. If a problem encountered with the device is not listed, or if the recommended action does not resolve the problem, the unit should be returned for repair. Pulsar Trail LRF XP50 2 Thermal Riflescope The newest generation of Trail thermal imaging sights incorporates a built-in laser rangefinder able to range precisely out to 1,100 yards and produce a highly detailed image at 50 frames per second in complete darkness. ҵE"*;����� 0������3j�&cݧD�K W)�l0��zw:��t�6�R����d�w���v���DE�30�`D��hz,�ӏ#�6X������F[��d|�a���/����1#r9V����%�/��̈�p��� ����>��6�rt=>1� �]$]=�FQ�\q��9�K ���a�U�o��j�JK ��9�����������X���s���ѿ~x�y6>�w��,����Ae���"1.6��$�O�1���e�E�X��U�a��"����ORGU�fEV���n�%�O��E�,�N���!�1*�� u{�X���1Ҽ�7��B.�*xo��G�%H .��N���60�׬��ߜ�1}���GX>~����8Cg�H�TԘ%��r>�+Q��E��"�O��3���(^j�@R��1g�b6G�Y�q�a�1t�t�Y,g�z�Q��$[Fg���} \=J�X�Q�ǀ[p�+�t�U�N�5��%���٭\���S(�@��N����`YyQޠ.]����M�L,N|[[m�4�|�������xH�&4j.