What's Open, Closed In St. Pete On Thanksgiving 2020. But we don’t know exactly how the next few months with look.". “I know what the governor is saying, and now even he is wearing a mask,” board member Rene Flowers said. The Hillsborough County School District, which is working through the details of a similar set of plans and options, will have its own School Board reopening workshop at 1 p.m. Thursday. Even the question of what to do when a student runs a fever was problematic. Grego said he hopes the district’s approach to planning builds families’ trust and confidence in the school district to keep safety at the forefront of all decisions. California Consumer Do Not Sell My Personal Information. WHAT’S OPEN? Sometimes parents will instruct the school, “just send him home on the bus,” Flowers said. “How can they social distance? “We really don’t know exactly what we will be seeing 20, 28 days moving forward,” Grego said. “We just can’t guarantee the safety of anyone through this.”, Added board member Lisa Cane: “It’s incomprehensible to expect this of a community.”. They visited the band room at Tarpon Springs High, realizing students might have to practice elsewhere, like the school’s auditorium, to keep enough space between them. She found it nearly impossible, she said, to enforce masking, especially for older students. “There are so many variables in this discussion, it’s unbelievable,” Grego said, adding that he is looking into the availability of rapid-results COVID tests. And four out of seven board members expressed regrets at having to oversee reopening at such a precarious time. On Wednesday night, Pinellas School leaders held a virtual town hall to address parents concerns. “I really want to lead with medical advice,” he said. Our new Spectrum News app is the most convenient way to get the stories that matter to you. : This list includes local establishments doing business in various ways. “It’s hard to ask a kindergarten student, ‘How is your sense of smell today? We don’t have parents sign student code of conduct” forms. Students and staff should be prepared to wear masks for much of the school day upon their return, Grego said. Watch: Florida Governor: A Long Road To Recovery After Irma, 'Out Of Control Fire': Virus Hits Nursing Homes Worse Than Ever, Magnolia Gardens Assisted Living Earns Great Reviews. But parents will be asked to fill out forms, acknowledging they know they must watch for symptoms of COVID-19 and keep their children home if those symptoms occur. But Cane said she has seen masking in a school setting, as she operates a performing arts school that was open this summer. This recommendation will be made to the Pinellas County School Board at the board meeting on July 28 and will require approval. The original start date was August 12. Download it here. "This plan is fluid," superintendent Mike Grego said. “The community wants, and healthcare professionals would like to see, a decrease back to kind of where we were in June, so that delay of opening up schools, as you mentioned, is a fluid thing. We collected your stories, pictures, songs, recipes, journals and more to show what life has been like during the pandemic. Read these 10 tips first. SO YOU WANT TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE? As COVID-19 cases continue rising in Clatsop County, the reopening date for Seaside School District remains an elusive and constantly moving target. Sign up to receive the most up-to-date information. Shop LG Savings This Holiday Season. PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Students and teachers in Pinellas County will have to wait a few extra weeks before hitting the books. “If we don’t do it the right way, it will send our economy into a tailspin, and it could cost us lives.". Other doctors on the team — from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, the Department of Health and Community Health Centers of Pinellas — were not available for interviews.