Weekly I learned and experimented. 1930’s – 1950’s era athletes like Reg Park and Steve Reeves. Training later developed into a constant succession of change. God given genetics, more than any other factor was the reason but I didn’t realize it then. One aspect of training, movement execution, was always stressed in magazines and courses; “strict – full extension and full contraction.” Being a novice, I followed those instructions to the letter. Please don't try this at home. Hitting each movement for one set of ten reps working up to three sets of six to ten reps. Once that goal was achieved the conventional four day a week split routine was followed. Heavy workouts followed by lighter ones. Even other weight lifters, power lifters, Olympic lifters looked down on bodybuilding. Due to my personal observations and training with far more experienced and publicized bodybuilders, I began to incorporate their more loose style of performing movements in my routines. Most military people like to recount stories of their years in the service. I can no longer do that with today’s top bodybuilders, there is an almost universal likeness with today’s top contenders. We will each have our own preference; for me, “back in the day”, “the golden age”, “the golden era” and, “old school” was the 1960’s. We had too many other things going on; work, school, and for some families. Craig Golias Explains The Reason He Quit Competitive Bodybuilding, Toney Freeman: How Judging Has Improved In Bodybuilding, WATCH: This Bodybuilder Eats An Entire 20 Pound Turkey For Thanksgiving, Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals | Gift Guide 2020, Set Your Calves on Fire with This Workout, How to Build Muscle and Stay Fit on Any Diet. That’s old school and that’s what we did. In addition to the modern magazine and courses, Weider supplements and products also appealed to me as they looked modern, clean, and “new age” compared to other like items from competitors. Third is diet and nutrition and after that everything else just falls in place. I didn’t consider the impact of our relationship and his offerings until many years later. Bodybuilding as a sport had its glory – it was a game of respected and humble sportsmen. For some reason honest reports and stories of measurements, poundage used in exercises, actual routines, diet and supplements were and remain nearly impossible to get. Was this customary all over the country? For a great many of us back then the “glory” was simply in working out and achieving personal goals in the gym. Each generation carries its own unique claims and memories with it. Jerry Brainum has a bone to pick with the comments online claiming this original giants used steroids – but according to Jerry this is wrong on so many levels. Over training was something Vince Gironda talked about. There were many whose names are considered as sacred today and I’ve talked about them many times before. I miss the magazines of that era, the featured bodybuilders, the ads. East Tennessee is home and I’m thankful, love it and can’t imagine calling any place else home but, it sure was not the place to be in the 60’s for an aspiring bodybuilder. In those days there was no such thing as a computer or internet. A photograph of a strongman from Russia focuses on the bodybuilder's intensely defined ab muscles. Some were featured stars of the day. No matter what point in time you review bodybuilding, the 20’s – 30’s – 40’s – 50’s, makes no difference as each generation had something about it deserving of remembrance. The Iron Guru was well-known for recommending liver tablets, which were very popular during the golden era of bodybuilding. Once in a great while I could get dad to open up about Grimek and those days, even then the information was not very forthcoming. The late Ben Weider was another wonderful friendship I will always cherish. I personally felt Hoffman never really accepted bodybuilding, I feel he just tolerated it to a certain level. The ideal male physique has changed a lot over the last century. In this photo, Sandow poses with a selection of weightlifting equipment. Sandow had a powerful legacy. What is old school bodybuilding? The 8 Best Early Black Friday Huckberry Deals, My Secret to Navigating COVID-19 Mental Health, 8 Reasons to Quit Your Phone This Holiday Season, No, Vitamin C Supplements Will Not Save Us All, The Hypervolt GO Is the Mini Massage Gun You Need, A 1902 advertisement for Sandow's Magazine of Physical Culture, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. A lot of us mixed our own. We will each have our own preference; for me, “back in the day”, “the golden age”, “the golden era” and, “old school” was the 1960’s. Check it out above! The German bodybuilder shows off his impressive strength by flexing his arms while sitting on a bicycle. Most of us who did not have immediate regular face to face time with Vince, read and heard about his over training concept (Overtonis is what Vince called it), and just brushed it off; more was better and we wanted more. I not only liked but found the information modern and more up to date in Joe’s magazines and advertising material. Making a living while sunning on the beach all day and training when not sunning was a pipe dream unattainable. I started my bodybuilding physique diet for the 70s diet in the 60s so you might say I was ahead of my time. But I didn’t know it early on or even later on for that matter. Eventually that changed as friendships developed but even then, training consisted of hard and wild pushing each rep of each set to the limit each and every workout. Today, winners of Mr. Olympia receive a Sandow statuette: a small sculpture of Sandow himself. The statement old school has a different meaning to different people. In this photo, Katie Sandwina gears up to break a chain over her thigh. 134 West 29th Street Suite 902 That part of the sport remains the same. The skeletal system – how many bones and how were they connected - the nervous system and the digestive system – nutrition and supplements. I can’t really describe it – it is something one has to experience. In this photo, a strongman performs for a crowd at the Place de l'Opera in Paris, France. Jordyn Taylor is the Deputy Editor of Content at Men's Health. Born in 1939, bodybuilder Chris Dickerson won his only IFBB Mr. Olympia title in 1982 at the age of 43. There was a lot of “hype” back then just as there is today. In this photo, Hackenschmidt performs a bench press in front of a crowd in Chicago. supplements, writers and photographers like the great Dick Tyler and Artie Zeller. Some of it was pure junk and some of it was pretty darn good. See more ideas about bodybuilding, mr olympia, bodybuilding motivation. I guess I need to clarify one point here; the 60’s were also a time when the “hippie” movement spread across the country. A bodybuilder flexes his triceps, deltoids, and trapezius muscles. The idea was to train without taking a break. I remember Larry Scott being the central point of more than one conversation related to the amount of weight he lifted in certain movements. But in this week’s episode of Straight Facts we are talking about the OLDER SCHOOL bodybuilders. When I was fortunate enough to have some additional cash I would purchase supplements. Product Review: Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin, Best Wrist Wraps For Wrist Support & Optimal Performance 2020, A Complete Guide Into Pre-Workout Supplements For Growth. In this photo, Sandow strikes a pose while wearing a fig leaf and gladiator sandals. Older, wish I could say wiser but looking at the mistakes I make I’m not sure I can say that, I’ve come to learn many things. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.