Nioh Complete Edition PC requirements and Performance This is where the first chinks in the armor begin to show up with Nioh. The first way you’ll encounter to access Nioh’s co-op play is at a shrine. Latest drivers: (as at 20/09/2020) AMD: 20.9.1 Nvidia: 456.38 Benchmarks: GameGPU (Russian; launch build) Tips and tricks: Cap the frame rate/potentially improve frame times: Download RivaTuner Statistics Server, input your desired framerate limit in the "Framerate limit" box, and hit enter (the program comes bundled with MSI Afterburner and earlier versions of EVGA PrecisionX). I've been playing Nioh since the beta & didn't know about the gear LV stuff. I feel like coop is a much more enjoyable way to progress through WOTD. I'm only just getting into pc gaming having built my son his first pc. Maybe I'm just too old lol. I had been getting 60 fps but with some seriously inconsistent frametimes, so I was going to add a cap to even them out, but as soon as I added Nioh to the RTSS program list, my FPS dropped like … You can now make sure that your PC can run NiOh: Complete edition well enough with the system requirements, just announced via Steam. I think I'll do the DLC areas in Samurai and Strong and that's it. I always pay attention only to dmg number & when I reach max fam with a weapon/armor & found something with higher numbers with 0 fam, that's when I change stuff but without paying attention to LV gear. Nioh 1.21 PC Steam Release (November 7, 2017) [Worldwide release on PC Steam based on Nioh version 1.21.] There’s an option there to summon a visitor to your game. x1 by default.This doesn't control resolution. Noticed some strange behavior when adding a 60 fps cap via RTSS. There is a performance cost when you increase this, but it isn't too bad. Bought all the parts to make my own too and then realised I'm struggling to get to the w key. Fixed a bug where the player would be launched too high into the air when they were hit by a certain characters’ attacks while falling. … Are they not? NiOh: Complete Edition for PC-- Minimum and Recommended System Requirements Announced. ... Those video card requirements seem high to me. It is a very demanding game that will test the … 8: screen space reflections quality multiplier presets (2, 4, 8, 16, 0, 1). Nioh PC Errors and Fixes – Black Screen, Game Crashes, and More ... Nioh Minimum System Requirements. Way of the Strong was a pretty good new game plus but Demon is just too frustrating for me as far as bosses go. It increases the amount of geometry reflected. Nioh: Complete Edition has just been released on the PC and since KOEI Tecmo has provided us with a review code, we can confirm that the keyboard controls are awful.