Also even in a top deck scenario she can fetch a creature out of your sideboard with her ultimate if need be. In its place, I bring in 2 Heroic Intervention because it can allow us to attack in board stalls and not get blown out, and 2 Oakhame Adversary because he is a cheap deathtouch creature that can sometimes draw us cards. Follow me on Twitch and subscribe on YouTube! With Zendikar Rising, spell lands have stepped in to give us the flexibility to keep a high creature density while maintaining a reasonable land and spell count. Paradise Druid is neat, but we have a low enough curve that I think she is not needed. The biggest mistake I’ve seen when people play this deck is being greedy with Stonecoil Serpent. Always remember that it is an instant, which can create some great situations where your opponent feels like they are making a good block, only to have their creature shot down by Ram Through plus the attack. I spent all day on the ladder once the bans went live feeling out the new meta and refining my list and this is what I feel is currently best positioned in the heavy rogue/mill/rakdos meta: This season I drove Mono-G from Platinum to Rank #1 Mythic in 8 hours on a 27-3 run to win the race to mythic. Mono-G performed incredibly well in the Omnath world and I feel like it’s positioned to do even better post-bans as Omnath was the only deck to really give it trouble. I think it is a real contender and I expect to see a lot more of it as the meta develops. Your one-drop casting priority is Pelt Collector first if you have it, then Heart’s Desire from Lovestruck Beast, and finally Stonecoil Serpent. So we opted for its cheaper cousin, Courser of Kruphix. This is because, not only is it tougher to mill a 99 card deck than a 60, not to mention having to mill multiple 99 card decks, but there are also lots of Eldrazi creatures and other spells commonly played in edh that instantly stops your mill strategy. All Rights Reserved. Don’t forget that the tokens it creates grow Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig and ensure Lovestruck Beasts can keep attacking as well. The reason for this order is Pelt Collector can do the most damage if followed up by an effective 2-drop, and the token is just an effective use of mana and sets us up to cast Lovestruck Beast on turn 3 effectively. You can find Rumti streaming at That’s right people, M21 is here and green players all over rejoice because green has received some much-needed love, and it is time to release the beasts! Gargarot could help against aggro and Vivien against control. Finally, it’s a great target for Gemrazer to mutate onto. For the mirror, try to play around Oakhame Adversaries in the early game by only casting a green permanent when you can reasonably deal with a resolved Adversary. This matchup can be tricky to navigate, but the plan is just to kill them before they can go off. A deck running three to five colors in Commander will really want that kind of flexibility, and this bird is ready to deliver. Turntimber Symbiosis/Turntimber, Serpentine Wood. Garruk, Unleashed is often the best thing you can do against control decks on turn four as he diversifies your threat types, he provides long term value and almost always forces a 2-for-1. We win by resolving a Henge or a Vivien and beating them down with value. For just one green mana, the ooze will devour something in a graveyard, denying your opponents their flashback cards or reanimator targets at any time. Losing Pelt Collector to rotation was a big loss for sure but Swarm Shambler has done a lot more than I anticipated it would to fill those shoes. The rest seems solid, i also have a question, what about Vivien from Ikoria or Elder Gargarot as 1-of’s in the sideboard? I am a consistent high Mythic ranked player. The only situation I wouldn’t cast Stonecoil on turn 1 with no other plays is when I have a hand consisting of exactly Barkhide and Stonecoil, three lands, and no 3 drop. Best of all, you gain 1 life from each land you play, no matter where it came from! Birds of Paradise, or "BoP," is one of the earliest cards in the game, and it is still widely beloved to this day. And if the devoured card was a creature, the ooze will get a +1/+1 counter as a fine bonus. Resolving a Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate or a Henge often closes the game. Updated November 11, 2020. This matchup is a slug-fest of bombs. It's difficult or impossible to be fully prepared for all of them. I think it is a welcome addition to any green aggressive deck. That said, with an ever shifting meta I think the most useful information I can give you is some of the core principles of building a mono-green list. Now that I’ve talked a bit about the general principle of building a mono-green deck I’ll go into the specific card choices for this list. What’s new? This list runs ten ways to enable a turn 4 henge in the form of 4x Kazandu Mammoth, 4x Lovestruck beast, and 2x Gemrazer (with a turn one/turn two mutate target). The other dynamic to pay attention to when building a Henge deck is your creature density. That said, we can’t give up on the 2 drop slot all together as curving out is important.