The flowering portions of the stems close to the tips contain more essential oil-producing glands and offer better flavor. & Supplies Each plant grows to a mature height of only 3 to 6 inches tall. Butterflies and bees devour the Mother of Thyme herb blooms yet deer and rabbits seem to leave it alone. Fertilization is not recommended. Creeping thyme, also known commonly as ‘Mother of Thyme,’ is an easily grown, spreading thyme variety. Thyme is one of the ingredients in the herbes de Provence blend used in classical French cooking. If your location experiences an occasional hard freeze, temporarily cover the herbs using a cloth, plastic sheet or mulch to prevent damage to the plants. I have always called “creeping thyme,” I found half a dozen species bearing this common "mother-of-thyme" is a thyme closer to the wild 'parent' of all thymes - it's less upright than english thyme, and spreads well. IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING THYME PLUG FLATS!!! It grows well in partial shade to full sun and hard-to-plant areas. Excellent for use between flagstones in a pathway. Because of its compact, spreading growth habit, it is often grown between the stones or bricks of garden paths for its beauty and sweet aroma that is released when walked upon. Offering Plant around flagstones or for a decorative, dense-growing ground cover. I'm not sure all of the plant files pics correctly depict 'Mother of Thyme' but instead another thyme. With a little research and even with adverse conditions, however, there are sure to be various types of thyme plants that are suitable for growth in those areas. Farm bill, farm marketing, agribusiness webinars, & farm policy. While chalky soils are best, sandy soils and rocky soils are also good for the plants. It requires full sun and a well-drained, somewhat dry site. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. Rarely gets more than 2″ tall. Pellentesque de fermentum mollis comodous an loremous, Sign Up for exclusive updates, new arrivalsand insider-only discounts. The inner bark has bitter cherry Excellent for use between flagstones in a pathway. Ground shipment of this item June 15- September 15 is at buyer’s risk. Transplant the young seedlings into the garden 12 inches apart. Egyptians About Us, Copyright © 2000-2020 Outsidepride Seed Source, LLC, Beneficial Insectary Wild Flower Seed Mix. Victory Seeds® and™ are trademarks of the Victory Seed Company. Shipping Info The names "creeping thyme" and "mother-of-thyme" are often used interchangeably for the same plants. This one is hardy to Zone 3! Walk on it and the whole area will be filled with the aromatic smell of fresh thyme. divisions used to reestablish it. Thyme tolerates poor soils. were placed beneath pillows to ward off nightmares and bundles given to knights as drought or competition for water with nearby trees. As with any remedies or medicines, you should consult your personal health care provider before using. Gerald Klingaman), Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences. Pick up know-how for tackling diseases, pests and weeds. While some 400 varieties of thyme exist, not all are available locally, and only a precious few are suited for culinary use. NOTE: JULY-AUGUST SHIPMENTS BY GROUND ARE AT BUYER'S RISK. across. The clinic can help. Creeping Thyme  is a native of northern Africa, Europe, and Asia, and has naturalized in North America. Large, pointed, white to pinkish bracts produced three weeks after our native flowering dogwood. may be more stable. Increase your knowledge of public issues & get involved. Please consult your local Extension Specialty crops including turfgrass, vegetables, fruits, and ornamentals. Explore our research locations around the state. Thymus serpyllum Also known as 'Mother of Thyme', 'Creeping Thyme' is a low growing (three to six inches) plant. after three or four years the original part of the plant will become thin and begin Dismiss, More than you probably really wanted to know about grasses-. It may not have quite the same strength of regular thyme, but I use it for cooking, and find it satisfactory. Thyme grows throughout all of the Sunset Climate Zones of San Francisco and its surrounding counties. Difference Between Lemon Verbena & Lemon Balm, Sunset: Sunset Climate Zones: Northern California, Oregon State University Extension Service: Late Summer Is Time for Thyme, Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Culinary Thyme, The Weather Channel: Average Weather for San Francisco, CA -- Temperature and Precipitation, University of California Marin Master Gardeners: Make Time for Thyme in Your 2007 Garden, University of California Sonoma County Master Gardeners: Kitchen Herbs, Larimer County Extension: Woody Herbs: Landscape and Culinary Favorites, Virginia Cooperative Extension: Herb Culture and Use, University of California Cooperative Extension -- Napa County: Harvesting Herbs, University of California Sonoma County Master Gardeners: Herbs de Provence. Each branch bares clusters of roughly 10 to 20 flowers atop slender stems. It is a hardy perennial, handling summer heat and winter cold. Grow Mother of Thyme, Creeping Thyme from fresh Thymus serpyllum seeds. The creeping thyme I was looking for turns out to be Thymus praecox and is sometimes called Mother of Thyme. Neral and geranial give lemon thyme (T. x citriodorus) its citrus aroma. Cold-tolerant species include oregano-scented thyme (T. pulegioides), which gets its flavor from carvacrol; and caraway thyme (T. herba-barona), which receives its essence from carvone. in walkways the soil should be recessed because thymes do not tolerate foot traffic. Gaining garden smarts and sharing skills. FLAT GROUND SHIPMENTS LIMITED TO MARCH THROUGH JUNE 15 AND SEPTEMBER 15 THROUGH NOVEMBER. have been described with the genus belonging to the mint family. It is technically a woody perennial but the woody portion of the plant is dying. Creeping thyme is more resilient, but with lemon thyme and thymes with mounding forms, leave at least a fifth of the plant unpruned, recommends the University of California Cooperative Extension, which suggests you trim these plants in a manner similar to a Mohawk haircut. Woolly Thyme is the most silver leaved of all the Thymes and never blooms, while White Moss Thyme is a lovely chartreuse with little white flowers in late spring. SUMMER ORDERS (JULY-AUGUST), MUST BE SHIPPED 2ND DAY OR NEXT DAY AIR. Most thyme varieties are hardy in USDA zones 5-9 but tend to dislike hot, humid summers or overly wet conditions. Creeping Thyme Facts The fruit matures as red berries in early summer. Rainbow Creeping Thyme Plants Blue Rock Cress – Perennial Ground Cover Flower Natural Growth Home Garden 200 Pcsbag. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND MID SUMMER OR MID WINTER SHIPMENTS OF FLATS UNLESS NEXT DAY OR 2ND DAY AIR. Herbs, native plants, & reference desk QA. This essential oil has antiseptic properties and is the principal active ingredient and appear in mid spring. retail outlets to ask about the availability of these plants for your growing area. The creeping thyme I was looking for turns out to be Thymus praecox and is sometimes called Mother of Thyme. Also known as “walk-on-me” thyme. Rarely gets more than 2″ tall. Easy-to-grow from Creeping Thyme seeds, this creeping plant is also used between paving-stones or bricks in walk ways. Used mostly for screens or hedges, but also makes a fine specimen shrub. Creeping Thyme is a native of northern Africa, Europe, and Asia, and has naturalized in North America. Preparing for and recovering from disasters. })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); Dark as night foliage with gorgeously scalloped leaves. Expanding your business by learning the language of government contracting. is primarily extracted from T. vulgaris. Primarily used as a ground cover, Thymus serpyllum 'Elfin' (Creeping Thyme) is a dwarf, aromatic sub-shrub forming a tight cushion of tiny, rounded, gray-green leaves. Guiding entrepreneurs from concept to profit. This shrub is self supporting and is not a vine. A slowly creeping, ground hugging mat of foliage with beautiful fuchsia colored blossoms in early summer. species are grown in the herb garden and perennial border and they are often misidentified an automatic irrigation system will kill it off but it can also be taken out by prolonged The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture does not promote, support ga('create', 'UA-45404460-1', ''); Use virtual and real tools to improve critical calculations for farms and ranches. Research-based connection to government and policy issues. About 350 species of thymes The plants adapt well to the low average rainfall and variable conditions of the many microclimates of the region; however, plants grown in coastal or foggy areas may experience fungal issues. name. Pairs of tiny fragrant, oval, entire margined, and sometimes, wooly, pubescent, evergreen