This air fryer from Mayer will help you do that. I don’t usually season the tofu because the Teriyaki marinade on the salmon is enough for me, but if you want more flavourful tofu, try a Miso marinade. Need a quick, convenient snack to bring to the office? Well, these fluffy, golden-brown pastries are actually just rectangular shaped donuts doused in powdered sugar. 1. Constantly have visitors at home? Salmon – 8 min at 180 degrees This is particularly useful for people who constantly welcome visitors, and want to commit to serving healthier meals. Get all these features when you purchase this Philips air fryer here. Once soft enough, slice the slab of butter and cream cheese into smaller cubes. Working from home can mean having instant noodles for lunch, dinner, and everything in between - if you aren't spending a fortune on food delivery! You might want to use a strainer to drain the noodles, so they don’t get soggy or mushy. 2. SGD 129.00. The Mayer comes with a stand-alone metal rack that is 100% easier to handle. It’s easily shareable is sure to be a big hit amongst all your friends. These babies cook nicely in just under eight minutes and doesn’t leave the smell smoke in your hair all day. Still want more? Want your own air fryer? The fryer also melts the fats away using the ‘tornado” of hot air with its twin TurboStar. 5. It’s a bit more troublesome, but your chicken will turn out more tender and succulent. 7. Easy and Tasty Airfryer Recipes For Lazy People, 6. EuropAce even comes with a handle so you can easily bring it anywhere. You can get Nando’s Peri-Peri Marinade from most leading supermarkets, which is far easier than making your own. It uses voodoo magic some sort of complicated technology to cook your food – mostly with minimal or no oil needed. The best thing about owning an air fryer is that you get to prepare other food or drinks while waiting for your air fried recipe to finish cooking. Lay out a platter of this the next time guests come over and watch them be wowed! 1. Unfortunately, most of this food is packed with bad cholesterol, fat, and calories, because of the way they have been cooked. Beat the butter and cream cheese until it has a light and creamy consistency. 1. Dipping sauces optional! If you have an airfryer at home, it means that your stay-home weekends (and weekdays too!) Here are some easy and tasty recipes that even kitchen noobs can whip up. There’s no doubt that the airfryer has revolutionised the cooking scene since it was first introduced in 2010. 13. While your tofu and broccoli is in the Airfryer, start cooking your soba as per the directions on the package. Get the recipe here. The rapid air technology creates less smell, which makes it easier and safer to use and is much easier to clean. (If you’re rushing for time, you can throw in the sweet potato fries with the chicken when it’s cooking at 180 degrees. Pair it with a pitcher of iced tea for the ultimate refreshing experience! A molten chocolate cake is a great fix, and you can do so without the hassle of having to bust out your oven and apron. Start by draining most of the liquid from the canned tuna. Set the Airfryer at 180 degrees for 8 minutes. Well, buckle up, because it’s about to get better. Philips XXL Twin TurboStar HD9654/91 Air Fryer. 7. $69.90), it has all the basic functions you need to whip up your favourite air fryer recipes. Exciting Christmas activities, gifts, and more await at the malls of Frasers Property! First things first, you need to marinate your chicken breast and sweet potatoes the night before to really let the flavours sink in. Get this air fryer at its best price here. It’s best to get firmer tofu so that it doesn’t break when sliced. This is a perfect addition to your kitchen, especially when you love introducing healthy but yummy dishes to family and friends. Hong Kong Disneyland unveils the new Castle of Magical Dreams in conjunction with the park’s 15th anniversary — check out the range of novel experiences offered! Apple pie would make a great dessert for the upcoming holiday parties, and this one hits all the right spots with just the right amount of sweet and tart flavouring. I usually use Teriyaki marinade, because it’s hard to mess up Teriyaki salmon. SKU: 31661 . After your chicken is done cooking, put the sweet potato fries into the Airfryer and set it to 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Source. I usually get pre-cut bags of salad from the supermarket, because it saves you the hassle of chopping lettuce and whatnot. INGREDIENTS. I even fried the chopped onion, then any veggie that I wanted to add in, in the non stick pan. 3. You can choose to create baked, fried, or grilled goodies with this simple machine. 2. AIR FRYER MEXICAN CORN ON THE COB (SKINNY VERSION) Air fryer corn on the cob is the quickest and most delicious airfryer recipes to date. Original recipe from, Two 6-ounce cans of Tuna (get the ones that are soaked in water, not oil). My friend has a Mayer and has been using it for some time with no issues. 3. © 2020. These recipes will be perfect to be made in an air fryer, Thanks i will try them soon. This recipe is amazingly versatile and basically allows you to use whatever fruits you can find lying about the house. Air fryers are healthy alternative to frying, as it uses electric hit and fans to imitate the effect of frying food, which out the bad cholesterol, fat, and calories. Buy this here today. Score! First, let the butter and cream cheese warm up to room temperature before mixing. Thank you for sharing the recipes. Mix the tuna, Dijon mustard, Panko bread crumbs, lemon juice, chopped parsley and Tabasco sauce in a bowl. This unit is soooo much easier to wash than Philips’s frying basket. Here are our top choices of air fryer in Singapore: Philips XXL Twin TurboStar HD9654/91 Air Fryer, Removes almost 80% of oil than usual frying, Digital display with 5 preset cooking programs, QuickClean basket with non-stick mesh cleans up in 90 secs, Recipe booklet with more than 30 delicious dishes, 3-Dimensional Circulation Around Internal Cavity. 19 best gifts you can get for your favourite foodies this Christmas, The newest LEGO Technic product models after an award-winning Ferrari, 7 aerial yoga or “flying yoga” studios in Singapore to sweep you off your feet, 10 Muay Thai gyms in Singapore to give you a solid start to being a martial arts master, Shake Shack opens fifth outlet at VivoCity; we tried their exclusive concretes and tell you how they are, These are the best Black Friday 2020 deals you’ll want to snag, stat, New MEDI-YA supermarket at Millenia Walk – what to expect, including a bakery and authentic Hokkaido treats, Replicate Hotel del Luna outfits worn by IU with these inspired accessories and clothes, Jo Yi-Seo’s fashion choices in Itaewon Class as a social media influencer – here’s how to replicate them. Original recipe from here (but modified a bit). Then just reset the timer for 9 minutes when the chicken is done cooking.). Find out more about Philips Air Fryer. 4. Yanmi Yogurt launches 2nd outlet at Wisma Atria, enjoy their 1-FOR-1 opening promo! Beat in the eggs, adding them one at a time. Lastly, I recommend investing in a pair of tongs if you’re squeamish about touching raw meat (as I am).