For example: Have them unbundle and return their sticks to the centre then repeat with another teen number making use of spare sticks as required. (Purpose: to use ten ones to make one group of ten when adding add two single-digit numbers.). Show two tens frames, one of ten and the other of a number less than ten, together making a teen number. They also show the number with the arrow cards. We wrote a number sentence to represent our picture: 10 goldfish in one box plus 0 goldfish in another box equals 10 goldfish in all– 10+0=10. Model one more example then have the students individually draw and write about three of their favourite teen numbers. In their work toward fluency, they should be We use shapes, colors and numbers to make three distinctly different holes in the box to aim for which gives little ones the opportunity to use and practice their vocabulary in those areas. Have students ‘write’ with their finger how many dots they see. The file contains the whole and parts mat, making ten song and two versions of the game. (HTTP response code 503). Students play Go Teen in pairs. . Students place between them two piles of cards face down (Attachment 1). They then place the apples on the tree to show the answer to the addition number sentence they have created. The Family Tree – Tips & Reasons to Make Your Own! It is perfect to be used as a lesson presentation, Make 10 to add is a great addition strategy with these winter math centers and snowman bulletin board to make a ten to add with +9 facts! Look no further!This resource with 28 slides (excluding repeated 'Try again' slides) is student friendly, engaging and interactive! ♥ Make a Ten to Add Strategy Anchor C, Get your kids learning the Ways to Make 10 combinations with this activity pack which includes: They are encouraged to look at all the recording of teen numbers completed throughout these lessons. So I started by counting out 10 goldfish and placing them in our “whole” box. Next time you don’t know what to do with your little ones, reach for this list – we got you covered! All rights reserved. If available, have the students work in small groups or pairs to explore, find and display the four matching cards in the BSM 9-1-48 card game. Use our straw rockets to make Captain Monsterica and The Purple Protector fly to all the planets in the solar system! (a container is ‘one ten’ or ‘a ten’). There are a bunch of wonderful activities to introduce to your schooling schedule, or just as fun and educational activities to try. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing ideas and resources. Record beside the numbers 11 – 19 the description ‘1 ten and x ones’ for each of the numbers. The teacher models a teen number with containers and beans and asks, ‘What number is shown here?’. Pocket Chart Activities to Practice Combinations of 10! Your email address will not be published. Kids songs, shows, crafts, recipes, activities, resources for teachers & parents and so much more! Playing is a wonderful way to encourage learning and development in little ones. Includes: Ask the students to return to the whole group with their drawings, keeping them hidden. The activities in this unit are designed to help students develop fluency with combinations for ten. I put them in clear pockets in a binder so they are re-usable. The home of mathematics education in New Zealand. Lots of fun activities for December, January or any Winter months! Have them make and model at least three teen numbers with the equipment, explaining this to their partner. Share as a class/group and discuss. Use these activities in your math centers. NA1-4: Communicate and explain counting, grouping, and equal-sharing strategies, using words, numbers, and pictures. Look and listen for those students who immediately identify that one of their pair will be the ‘ten person’, holding up ten fingers each time. Give kids a chance to make some noise! activity to practice ways to make 10 by filling in missing numbers in number bonds.