Generally speaking, a Major Arcana card in this position suggests a period of time during which the querent must humble themselves to larger forces. For years, tarot has been the solution to finding out and understanding the unknown, to getting answers to questions throughout all areas within our lives, and not just about love at that. In this spread, a middle row may consist of three cards showing Past, Present, and Future. In 2014, employees in America spent roughly 47 hours per week at work. Card 11 (Aquarius): What is your heart’s desire? In these types of circumstances, when it comes to reading tarot for yourself, it’s much more likely your results are going to end up in a misdirected reading or just plain inaccurate due to you being so emotionally invested. VII. For an answer to open questions, as a daily card or to get a general hint for love. .ssm-double-lines::before { background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, 100% 0, 0 100%, color-stop(0.5, ), color-stop(0.5, )); Let us know by leaving a comment below! window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; These readings can be used for romantic partnerships or for any kind of relationship between two people, including friendships or early flirtations. Once you have some experience with various tarot card spreads, I recommend trying new shapes. Aries is by its very birth the owner of exceptionally strong power of will and endless sources of energy. True love will appear within a situation that is appropriate for you to start a new relationship. Required fields are marked *, Telephone: (843) 818-3330 It’s also easy to modify a five-card cross formation for love. Hi Roselle, thanks for your feedback I am glad you found it useful! A minimalist tarot deck with black and white hand drawn images. In these instances, when your emotions are running high, you’re probably going to find yourself very worked up about whatever it is that has happened and has you turning to tarot for answers. And while many people believe that tarot cards are used exclusively for fortune telling, they can also become an helpful part of how we can make decisions. It won't hurt, we promise! Love Tarot Reading Ois for you to know your relationship in general; it will not provide other types of details. } document,'script',''); Card 5 (top of cross): What could I gain, like a skill or knowledge, by reclaiming this projection? What’s one of the biggest parts of love? For all the looming, more daunting questions and problems in our lives, we have the giant 12 card, 20 card spreads. Or do you use all 78 cards? box-shadow: -10px -20px ; This is a free love tarot reading that uses a special tarot spread we developed in order to understand your current love life situation, the path or actions you're taking, and where it's all leading. While you can assign your own meanings, here is one way to break down the reading: This tarot spread adopts a circular formation for twelve cards that represent the energy of each zodiac sign. background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, 0 0, 10% 100%, color-stop(0.5, ), color-stop(0.5, )); border-bottom:50px solid ; You can apply this to all aspects of your love life, whether you're searching for love, trying to understand a blossoming relationship, or looking for answers on an existing relationship with your partner. Dedicated beyond all measure, their determination and ability to make sacrifices both for their own end goals and for the benefit of others is what sets them apart from all other members of the zodiac. Card 2 (left of the center card): What is the source of this projection? Then, the obstacle card in this tarot spread crosses the first card to show what elements are causing the conflict or tension. } Please confirm your acceptance letter in your inbox to start orientation. This is a time in particularly strong … This spread will point to in that direction your love life is headed. The sixth card tells you something that will happen in the near future related to the concern. … So there you have it, 5 tarot spreads for love to help you find the answers to all the questions about love that you seek to find out! Both of the patterns below are well-documented spreads summarized in Llewelyn’s Complete Book of Tarot. Whether you've recently been let go, or whether it's because where you are now just doesn't feel right anymore, jumping into the slush pile of notices, advertisements, agencies, and cover letter templates, can be a real drag. The fourth card, to the left of the cross, is an event in the recent past affecting the current situation. Virgo is know to be methodical and highly analytical, taking great pleasure in good organization. .ssm-bxs::before { } This can give you some clues about themes. Is there any advice for me? Card 12 (Pisces): What aspects of your shadow (positive or negative) should be brought to light. Guidance and tips for finding your future love, The common bond you’ll have between the two of you, Wisdom for the future of your future love, Your level of conscious: your thoughts on the situation, Your level of emotion: your feelings on/about the situation, Your behavior and/or attitude: the way and how you’re responding outwardly to the current situation in your relationship, Their level of conscious: your partner’s thoughts on the situation, Their level of emotion: how your partner feels about the situation, Their behavior and/or attitude: the way and how your partner is responding outwardly to the current situation in your relationship, Answers why you haven’t found your partner yet, Answers how you can overcome all obstacles that stand in your path that are expressed in the first card, Tells you what you can do to finally find your partner and soulmate, What anyone looking for love wants to know- who the right person would/will be for you, Timing: when you will find your future partner, Wisdom and insight: any spirit(s) wanting to help you in your search for love will share wisdom and have a message for you. One of the many new years resolutions that I've heard about is starting your own business. ACE OF CUPS This is very interesting thank you. Situation-Obstacle-Advice/Outcome Tarot Spreads, Five Card Tarot Spreads – Rectangle Formation, « Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Health, Money & More, Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: How to Read this Famous Layout ».