Is Revoker getting Sunset? 2.2k votes, 133 comments. You may opt-out by. Loaded Question Hey. It's probably the only pinnacle that could pass for an exotic as is. My revoker couldnt agree more. Recluse, you are perhaps my crowning achievement in Destiny, as I went on a one day, 14 win streak in comp to get you at Fabled rank. I think its so they can get away with adding 6 hours of content and marketing it as a new game…. Weapon retirement is significantly shifting the game’s meta and the best PVE and PVP weapons now are very different from what they were just 1 month ago. If you’re new or returning to Destiny 2 after a long break, you’ve missed some seriously great weapons. You see Cayde around, tell him his gun's ready. The moment they sunset the quest gear (Loaded Question, Exit Strategy to name two) I quit, not gonna farm for hours for stupid quest if the bloody things gets disabled later anyway. They simply slapped a different logo to the thumbnail and increased the Power Cap. It was a good fusion. since its the only stable weapons and armor they can have otherwise. The state of Combat bows is a great example. The whole idea is stupid. Is Redrix’s Broadsword getting Sunset? I don't play PvP so I don't give a rats ass about Recluse and Mountain top, I just like to use my Loaded question, Wendigo, and Python from time to time. Is there a Destiny 2 Beyond Light sunsetting list? I assume when you say LQ is the only viable fusion for endgame you’re excluding exotics like Telesto.. but even if that is the case I’ve found Erentil FR4 and Hollow Words to be viable in end game content with the right rolls. Also armor shouldn't sunset. It is worth noting that weapon retirement only affects endgame content where Power Level matters. I’ve started using loaded question a lot more recently and I’m really gonna miss it . Makes it easy to clear out trash from my vault even if they're good rolls, but still keeping favorite armor sets for when transmog comes around. Cancel Yes, it will be sunset on November 10, 2020, with the release of Beyond Light. I will miss many of your brothers and sisters, Trust, Spare Rations, even the clunky Duke. I actually love proelium for a pve fusion. Yes, that the first section of the chart above, named “Retiring Season 12”. In other words: Legendary gear will have a one-year lifetime during which it can be used for difficult and Power-enabled activities. We will also cover armor retirement and explain how sunsetting, in general, will work moving forward. Mainly because even though this weapon is the only of its kind, having Reservoir Burst which makes this fusion rifle the only legendary fusion rifle with a burst effect. But when you get a decent rolled erintil or that solar one for PvE? The Max Power Level for these items will be set at the player Power Cap attainable 3 Seasons after its release Season (4 Seasons total). Losing all those difficult to obtain Pinnacle weapons will be hard to swallow. At the start of Season 12, weapons and armor released in Seasons 1-8 will have a Max Power Level at the Season 11 player Power Cap. The most popular hand cannon for PVP, Spare Rations, will be sunset with Beyond Light. You cleared so many mobs, you did as much damage as a heavy against bosses. I’m not one to rant, but the way Bungie keeps re-issuing weapons is worrisome. Cancel I mean second game, how many false starts? Add more answer options. I worked so hard to get hush. The Max Power Level for these items will be visible in-game in Season 11, but no items will be at their Max Power Level at the start of Season 11. I do hope this was an exception and that Bungie will indeed surprise us with amazing new weapons this Fall…, Some of our favorite Legendary weapons will be retired soon, but fortunately, Exotic weapons will not be subject to sunsetting. © Valve Corporation. This definition comes from Bungie’s May 14th TWAB, a post that also gave us more information about their plans for the game. Example: Recluse was sunsetted in Season 12. The weapon list above is my take on how sunsetting will impact the most popular (and some of my favorites) weapons in Destiny 2. A thousand years in a sea of glass is not punishment for your crimes. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Raids? It’s no loaded question, which I love, but it is a solid choice. Leaving them in a state of obscurity is making those triumphs irrelevant and the tasks to complete pointless. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice.