Specifications_____35 Linksys MR8300 _____ 35 Environmental _____ 35 . Show newer Routers. Rather than looking like a Christmas tree, the Max-Stream MR8300 has a single demure – and easy to ignore – light in the center of its rectangular screen. Pulse 2.0 is a leading national technology and business news publication located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tap the three-line hamburger link in the upper left to get a Menu list of items. Add to Cart. 8.6 . I had an opportunity to name the room the router was going to live in, change its network name and password as well as add a Velop mesh extension to the router. Finally, it's easy to add a Velop mesh extension to the router. customer reviews: 4.5 Read reviews . Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Tri-Band WiFi Router $ 199.99 $229.99. Moreover, it has a pretty traditional router form factor as well. After the router started up, its screen had a visible purple indicator, showing it was ready for setup. Write a Review. 1170. The system can set up two lanes of data flow for each band that can be consolidated into a single network name. WPS . LIVE CHAT. Quick and easy to set up, the Linksys Max-Stream MR8300 is the ideal first router to get because it automatically sets and optimizes all aspects of networking. I was able to get my iPad Pro tablet online on the first try. Reviews from real customers who bought the product on Amazon, Provides up to 2,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage for 20+ wireless devices, Works with existing modem, simple setup through Linksys App. It's in the top 3 bestselling routers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as TP-Link Archer AX50 or Netgear Nighthawk AX4 . Package Contents. It takes about 5 seconds for the app to connect with the router and start to show its details. The bad news is that while it's easy to rotate the antennas to aim the signal, they can't be removed or replaced with amplified or higher gain devices. Consumer Score . When the router is starting up, the indicator blinks blue, followed by purple when it's ready to be configured and solid blue to show it's connected to the internet and ready for just about anything your family can throw at it. There are links to the major categories, like the guest network, Parental Controls and Device Prioritization. If the router on its own isn't enough, you can connect it to Linksys Velop extensions, creating a mesh network with the MR8300 at its center. Or call 877-959-7467 and choose option 4. Need help shopping? Linksys MR8300 Specs. In other words, many areas were left uncovered, and a good reason for getting a Velop mesh extension or two to fill in the gaps. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. All rights reserved. The light on the top of your router gives you information about the router’s operation. Rating Breakdown. It creates three networks: a single 2.4GHz one and a pair of 5GHZ high-performance ones. Product Overview Front/top . Size: 8.4 x 6.4 x 2.0 inches Great . There are a lot of newer routers on the market. That's well short of the Netgear's Nighthawk RS400's 95 feet and the TP-Link Archer C2300's 110 feet. Ports: 1 WAN, 4 LAN, USB 3.0 3. That's one of the lowest operating costs of any home router, with the RS400 and the Asus Blue Cave costing $9.50 and $14.50 a year to run, respectively. Ratings. In other words, most of the MR8300's operation is automatic, and that's good (for networking newbies) and bad (for those who like to optimize and experiment). Mobile device with Android 4.4 or iOS 9 and higher, Bluetooth preferred, Enjoy 4K HD streaming, gaming and more in high quality without buffering, Tri band router delivers the fastest combined Wi-Fi speeds to all your devices, Tri band Wi-Fi speeds up to 2.2 Gbps (5 GHz / 400 Mbps) + (5 GHz / 867 Mbps) + (2.4 GHz / 867 Mbps), Designed for seamless integration with Velop Mesh Wi-Fi system for extended coverage, When used with mesh Wi-Fi system, router serves as master node. Memory/Storage: 512MB/256MB You will receive a verification email shortly. It requires that your phone or tablet's Bluetooth radio is turned on to make the initial connection with the router to get the ball rolling. Range: 80 feet Linksys AC2200 MUMIMO TriBand Router, MR8300; Quick Start Guide; Ethernet Cable; Power Adapter; Warranty and Regulatory with Documentation ; There is no manufacturer content to show for this product. 4. At any time, you can run a Speed Check bandwidth meter to see the status of the internet connection. 27. At this point, the router tried to check its internet connection, but it took three attempts to pass the test. Its 2.4GHz network can move up to 400Mbps, while each 5GHz channel can handle up to 867Mbps for a total theoretical maximum throughput of 2.134Gbps of data. Want more details? There's no way to turn it off, but it is the least annoying light show among modern routers. Walmart's best Black Friday laptop deal is right here. The Linksys Max-Stream MR8300 comes with a one-year warranty that pales in comparison to TP-Link's two years of coverage. Linksys MR8300 AC2200 is $24.12 more expensive than an average router ($155.82). © 2020 Pulse 2.0 LLC. You can expect that it will cost a little over $6 to run the Linksys router for a year if you pay the national average of 13 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity and it runs all day and all night. It doesn't come with mesh extensions for filling a large home with data but the MR8300 has an ace up its sleeve. 5. The MR8300 hit a throughput peak with the Dell XPS15 test system 5 feet from the router with 577.4Mbps of throughput available. The app then searched for the router, which it found in about 2 minutes. I started by plugging the gear in and loading the Linksys app on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone. Quick and easy to create a homewide Wi-Fi network, the Linksys Max-Stream MR8300 self-optimizes its operations so newcomers to networking can rest easy. At heart, it is a triband router that combines a single 2.4GHz network with two 5GHz bands. The router has a 716MHz quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM and 256MB of storage for the router's firmware and settings.