Thank you for the more in-depth meaning of these beauties. Lavender, a lighter version of purple, is an unconventional Though it bears a resemblance to both light shades of purple and dark pink tones, lavender is exceptionally unique. Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to help heal minor burns and bug bites. It’s a stone that will help you acquire wealth and work on making your dreams a reality. It is a perennial herb that grows in a variety of shapes including small to large shrubs. If you have a creative mind, lavender will prove an invaluable asset to you. The purple color of lavender also represents the seventh chakra to be used during yoga or meditation. Use during meditation and prayer work to raise your vibrations, relax and connect with spirit. This will earn you the respect of the people around you, even those who doubted your abilities to achieve anything in life. Sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow before you go to sleep. Many people believe that lavender flower expresses quietness and tranquility. This stone will enhance your artistic talents and increase your wisdom. The crown or 7th chakra is located at the top of the head and the vibration of the crown is the highest vibration in the physical body. It will instill you with peace and harmony, and it will fill your heart with emotions that will make you glad to be alive! Lavender Stone will completely transform your perception of yourself and enable you to look at your true self in a different, more positive light. It has been used all throughout history, the ancient Egyptians even used it in their embalming process. When you work with the energies of Lavender Stone, you will also enjoy a cooperation and mutual understanding with people. Place eight to ten drops of lavender oil into a. Best grown in dry well-drained soil as well as sandy or gravelly soil. It assists with creating balance, harmony, and inner-peace both within us and in our environment. The one drawback to lavender is that it lacks a sense of urgency. Color psychology maintains that lavender doesn’t mesh well with impatient people. Lavender Stone will completely transform your perception of yourself and enable you to look at your true self in a different, more positive light. When the energy flow is corrected, old issues will be brought to the surface, and they will be properly resolved. It grows low to the ground and boasts beautiful white, purple, and blue flowers throughout the summer and fall seasons. Lavender essential oils, in particular, have the ability to relieve cramps, heal wounds, as well as reduce neuralgia and migraine. The energies of Lavender Stone also bring powers of focus, motivation, and leadership, especially when you combine them with the energies of the November Birthstone. If you like lavender you’re also likely to have creative tenancies. Since lavender is related to the changing of seasons, it’s affiliated with transformation. Lavender Stone will help you gain power over your actions and decisions. The stone carries vibrations of determination and willpower, which enable you to chase after your passions with full force and enable yourself to work on your goals every day in order to see your dreams culminate into a reality. The color lavender also has the ability to calm your tendencies to be hyperactive and to energize yourself so that you can get out of your rut. Lavender is an ingredient of compounds used for aromatherapy and alternative medicine. This ability is due to the substances contained by the flower: linalol and linalacetate (linalyl acetate). This stone will also remove your fear of getting hurt when it comes to loving someone. It will also make you understand your hidden yearnings. They are spike lavender (Lavandula spica), English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), and Spanish or French lavender (Lavandula dentate). Lavender Stone will not only bring you inspiration and increase your imagination. The color spectrum of lavender comes with a range of hues and shades. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. With its subtle sophistication and vibrant energy, lavender reels in passersby. Those who consult with lavender can acquire a lot of helpful information. Balance energetic field by gently massaging a few drops of lavender oil on the outer ear.