And who doesn't love noodles? Viewing this page on an iPad? , These are interesting food, including the raspberry smoothie. Thanks for sharing. The kimchi doesn’t make it spicy, it’s the sambal (spicy chili sauce). I’m a full time vegetarian for several years now and my food is quite yummy. Traditional kimchi is made with a good amount of seafood products like shrimp and squid. , Thank you!! Monique…. FYI, Kimchi is a great health food because it is fermented. What this means is that this recipe is also gluten-free. I’m so glad you want to try it. Just make sure, if you are buying kimchi at the store you double-check the ingredients. These dishes look very good in the photos but I am not sure I could make them myself. Haha! This very untraditional version of the Korean classic is meatless, … This looks easy to make but I’m not a big fan of Korean food, if it’s Japanese food then I wouldn’t mind trying out! Thank you very much for sharing this. Especially that noodle soup, it looks tasty. Oh yes, if you love kimchi then you’ll love this soup. That spicy kimchi soup sounds fantastic! Fermented products naturally produce good bacteria. Use these freebies to get  started on your healthy journey! I would really like to try the smoothie and the kimchi soup (though I would make this less spicy). I was actually surprised at how dark it came out once I finished blending it. , Love your pictures! Add the rest of the soup ingredients, except the noodles and heat everything up properly. Heat up the oil in a pot and add the curry paste and ginger an stir fry until fragrant for about 3-5 minutes. The best thing is that it is now available at most supermarkets. I want to show the world that healthy is NOT boring and bland. Adding more whole plant foods to my diet, & decreasing the amount of meat & processed foods I consume, was the best decision I could have made for my health. . It is tangy and a little spicy Thanks for visiting. Rotate the screen to switch to kitchen mode. Haha! Yes, this is a perfect smoothie for hot weather! I like dishes with thick sauces. , Yes, I have the recipes and I just put up the cooking video in case you need to see how to make these dishes. I definitely added your blog to my MUST READ list! I thought that would be helpful to my readers. Nowadays, some store soba noodles are made with a bit of wheat flour as well, so it never hurts to keep an eye on the ingredients. I want to try the smoothie. I’m happy you learned something from this post. This bacteria is great for gut health and can be a life saver for those of us with digestion issues. . Daytime Vegan focuses on nutrition, not calories. A simple easy recipe for Kimchi Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms, Silken Tofu and Kale that is vegan and gluten-free adaptable. I loved your smoothie. looks great on mobile devices too! I always get so hungry looking at the yummy photos. I’m so craving kimchi and food now! They looks so tasty and If I can only bite the food directly from my monitor. This Asian delight is packed with vegan protein, super easy to make and will impress with it's amazing flavours. I like the traditional kimchi, but sometimes the flavor is a little too strong for me!! But they are all equally flavourful and good for your belly. I’ll take this without the spice! Kimchi is so delicious! Since kimchi is fermented it will last for a while and it boasts a good amount of probiotics. ITCO LTD HDS Business Centre 3204 Jumeirah Lakes Towers P.O. Fermented products naturally produce good bacteria. Consuming mostly Whole Plant Foods on a daily basis is key to good health. The dark raspberry smoothie looks right up my alley! Can’t wait to try this. Bring to a simmer and keep it simmering until you need it. And the cooking time is so less. Now, let's talk noodles! Next, add the kimchi, water, soy sauce, coconut sugar, chili flakes, salt, diced mushrooms, pak choy … Swooning over your photos! I’m glad you all like it. Gosh, your recipes and photos are so professionally taken and look delicious! Thank you. I need to stop reading your meal plans before I eat breakfast! It’s simple, but the dijon gives it a nice kick! Yummy! How Does Your Body Benefit From Plant-Based Nutrition? They are all made with fermented veggies but some have radish as the main ingredient, others cucumber, cabbage, etc. I think the dates and dark green kale made the color so dark. These all look delicious. Thank you!! There are tons of recipes on the internet that are super easy to follow made with ingredients you can find at your local market. In a few years we should at least have scratch and sniff computer screens!! Not all are vegan, some are made with fish sauce but you will definitely be able to find without. Bring a large saucepan of water to a boil over high heat. I like both versions, but for some dishes the traditional kimchi with seafood in it can overpower the other ingredients. Thank you. I think I can try out this recipe. Get the latest delicious goodness straight to your inbox! I completely agree. . I don’t know why it has taken me so long to give you all the recipe to my favorite soup ever! Having the same soup more than two times per week shows how much you like it. I started to make it as easy as possible for you to stick to a vegan diet. Just read your about section and I’m impressed. This soup will definitely warm you up on a cold night. I hope you give the Rosemary Chicken recipe a try!