Japanese Kani Salad with imitation crab meat. I love this salad because it's not really a salad and it has one of my favorite foods, Kani! ). On top of that, it is around $7 to make the entire thing! My kani salad is with corn, which is a great addition and change of the regular ol’ kani salad which you know from your sushi place. Kani Salad ingredients. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Here you will find some delicious recipes and some nutrition tips to help you live your best life! If the cucumber is bitter you need to peel it. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Louisiana and also a Certified Personal Trainer! Add the cucumber, yum yum sauce (spicy mayo), and panko bread crumbs to the crab meat and hand everything together. This Kani Salad recipe is very simple and easy to make. Cut your lettuce into thin strips lengthwise and add to the salad bowl together with the corn. https://www.justonecookbook.com/crab-salad-with-ponzu-mayonnaise-dressing Kani salad is a Japanese version of crab salad made with thin crab sticks and julienned crunchy vegetables, dressed with a spicy mayonnaise dressing, and topped with panko for an extra crunch! I was in Baton Rouge about 5 years ago and a restaurant had this and a friend of mine was like you have try this! Spiralize the cucumber while the crab meat is being shredded. Recipes / Lunch/Snacks. Want the next healthy and delicious recipe or weight loss tip sent straight to your email? Thank you Sushi Masa! In Lunch & Dinner, Recipes, Salads, Seafood by stephanieauthementJanuary 13, 2019Leave a Comment. You can use crab lumps too if you like! Course: Salad. You can add panko crumbs as a garnish to add little crunch. My name is Stephanie! If you're doing this with a hand mixer, it will just take longer. On top of that, it is around $7 to make the entire thing! Cuisine: American,Japanese. This delicious Japanese-inspired kani salad takes under 5 minutes to make and has only 4 ingredients! Have fun exploring my site! Place imitation crab meat in stand mixer and mix until the crab meat is shredded. Cut the spiralized cucumber strands in half so they aren't so long. Welcome to Nutrition Savvy Dietitian! WordPress, Peel the cucumber and carrot and then grate through a rough grater or use your peeler to peel thin slices of cucumber and carrot. It's so easy to make and makes a great appetizer! how to make kani salad, kani salad recipe. Kani Salad is made with crab meat and vegetables. I like to use regular mayonnaise mixed with lime juice salt and pepper. I forgot to add the panko to my salad bowl in the picture. If you get fresh crab meat, use that to make kani salad or use. Top with some panko crumbs if you want and pour the salad dressing over the salad. The main ingredients for a Kani salad include colorful match-stick-cut carrots, fresh cucumber, and crunchy lettuce.. For the Cucumber try to get the cucumber that isn’t too bitter.. This recipe on the other hand consists of the basics and anything from here is optional. Kani is a Japanese sushi item, also called imitation crab and crab stick. This recipe takes around 5 minutes to make and has 4 ingredients. Cut your Surimi crab sticks lengthwise into thin strips too and add them to the salad bowl. Serve the salad cooled. Add a Recipe User Settings Log Out. Subscribe below! Try to use a crunchy lettuce variation for this salad to add some bite to it. Place into a salad bowl. In a small pan. So, because I am cheap and want to eat this all the time – I experimented with making this a few times before I perfected it. Note: I love eel sauce and will add it to my recipe if I have it on hand, but it tastes amazing either way!