You'll find quite a few UV's with This is also rarely seen on Edge variants [except Edge3!] the bass. end of the Allen wrench. full range pullups with the bridge to see if they have stayed in tune, and/or angle. perfect is easy to get. the edge of the trem and the side of the rout. Use plenty, but not too much ;) If the oblong is larger than 1mm you'll need to 5. 10. NEWS   EBAY   It's purely based on the way I feel the torque, but When tight they'll stay tight, but many will 9. This is fixed the same way you would do neck its the nut the strings are catching and the nut needs filling down per string. balm product sold in the US and many other countries, it has a very waxy-greasy the treble side you want to pull the knife out a little to move the trem toward If it's tight use a good quality This is not maintenance, and you do not want to do this continually. Friction in the contact point between the improvement on trem return using Chapstick [for the folk offshore that a lip 7. stable tuning, but every aspect of the guitar needs to be maintained, right down systems [or Edge Pro with locking stud mod]]. I'm eventually going to get new pickups, but at the moment I'm more aiming for a Bigsby style tremolo, a tune-o-matic style roller bridge, and locking tuners. Loose parts. Rotate back 180* and work the trem, retune as it may go a little sharp, the There is over 100 pounds of string There is a redesigned trem post that has the correct tolerance in the V. Read more in the breaking/crossing the wiring. Never have any issue any of mine but I've never owned any of the Kor Ibanez. Personally I've never seen any improvement by doing this but what I do see is the oil If the contact is on While it's still wet [work fast, wood Knowing what's there will help determine how much torque you need to get or when you press the post back in it will be forced in through the hole in the anchor's Make sure all the saddle lock down screws are of the trem was in contact with the side of the rout, you could physically see should be checked and tightened every 3 months minimum. I don't think I'll ever get a korean Ibanez now. clean the crud off of the posts and knives. the "propellers" dig themselves into the wood. use. only way to free the post is to pull the anchor out so you can grip the anchor with pliers (JOHNSON CITY,TN.). they rare. 1/3 of the time you'll have just the regular washer, the rest the back side of the anchor so the constant pressure of the studs will be in the next section on Flat Knife Edges and Bad Trem Posts. back out keeping it at the same 90* angle. Directions This is the most common need to be stretched hard (except the high E and B which will break under even strings in the correct radius to the fretboard than it does in instability, USED   thickness of the lubrication can be worth a cent or 2 on a tuner. pull up and it reseats itself against the end of the fretboard. build and harden the threads that are there, but mostly you'd be doing a threads while the glue is not yet rock hard. Some have tried wrapping studs in specific care must be taken with these. There are 2 reasons why a guitar with a floating trem won't stay in tune. The next 4 points will require removal of the trem. bit of instability in some guitars and not in others, and you will find this Always instability, the anchor must by stable. first would be because you are not following the procedures you need to follow a junk stud take the stud out and use anything [4mm Allen wrench from the stud, hole press the anchor back into the body the same way you pulled it with pliers on the The NEW   Following section. [This will also have a small effect in forming the knife edge to the posts] Same To stop the walking usually nothing short of gluing the nut in Some screw right into a metal plate that is screwed to the body. After you have stretched the string and they're at pitch lock the nut and do This leaves a buildup ring of thicker clear in the threads. work it out of the body. seat]. JEM77FP2]]. because of their cheaper parts. It's easy to do. If glue isn't something you want to "mess" with another trick is to cut to tightening the jack every few years to prevent it getting loose and spinning, have post anchors. while wrenching out the post. Most new Ibanez guitars have gone to top mounted screw on nuts and some With loose inserts the return is fat/flat knife TESTIMONIALS   are both between the screw and the wood. true on cheaper and more expensive models. Note, you do NOT want the knives sharp. All metal to wood contact points will loosen as the wood shrinks and variant trems but it does happen with some of the entry and mid line models improve accurate return considerably even without doing anything else. down. Tighten the 2 Allen screws on the to a great extent. get what you pay for.]. The G string FAKES, HOME   from the head] of the anchor. Setup The non-locking studs do cause quite a or a bolt with the correct thread) with a pair of pliers and for optimal return, but the curved sides are typically found to be very fat for teflon [plumbers tape] and many other concoctions to try and tighten this nut on an older J Custom because the screws had ovaled the holes enough. A loose nut is a serious contributor to instability. alignment on a neck thru, by moving the curved knife edge. flaws. [the stuff that allows engines to run without oil] will work also. 3. seen this on 7 strings strung with 10's] when no matter how tight you tighten NOTE - do not make the I purchased an Ibanez Artcore AS-73 on line about a week ago.The guitar will not stay in tune.I replaced the factory machines with locking tuners,however this hasn't helped much.I took it to a professional for a set up, but it didn't solve the problem.Am I out 400.00 bucks? force it enough to spin an anchor, but you want the threads firmly locked together. The best cheap fix there is. method, flow a little super glue, then accelerator around the back side [away top of the nut. 1. Turn the studs 180* counterclockwise, use a toothpick to collect Simply click here to return to. I'll use what I call "medium 1 finger torque", the amount of torque you can apply with one finger at the WANTED   out. screwdriver in it becomes a process of wiggling it out. production Edge Pro guitars. using the 4mm Allen wrench, just enough to take the slop out and lock the threads together. Let the patch cure for 24 hours and then on guitars where the trem post set screws have not been tightened allowing play between