This white, uneven coating protects the salami from becoming rancid, and so helps to ensure a long shelf life. I tend to make sandwich with it, but you could put it on pizza. The unopened salami should not be refrigerated, but stored in a cool place, out of the sun. The bloom was twice removed with a brush, and the sausages moved to ensure that they all matured evenly and simultaneously. The sausages are boiled in water before consumption. You can eat it plain, just don't eat to much or you won't get the most out of it, plus it's heavy and will give you a stomachache (though my little sister eats it by itself like a champ!). When my grandparents or parents would take a road trip, they'd pack these open-faced sandwiches for snacks. Hurka pairs extremely well with a glass of cold beer on … Yeah, there really isn't a "right" way to eat it. This is key. Kept this way, it will retain its delightful flavor for at least three months. This was my "peanut butter and jelly" throughout my life. Fat It's too overpowering/salty. The "csárda" is a Hungarian restaurant with a folkloric atmosphere. Second, slice it thin. The first salamis to be produced in Hungary came from Szeged on the river […] New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. After a while, the Pick salami ceased to bear any resemblance to the Italian version that originally inspired it, since Hungarian butchers worked to give it a typically Hungarian flavor. Originally it would have been an inn,... Austria Hungary. Put some butter on that bad boy, and then place the salami on it as if you were putting it on a pizza; slightly overlapping. I don't know if american mayonnaise is different, but we eat it on french bread, butter (real, not margarine) with small drops of mayonnaise and Cucumber (raw, not pickle). The recipe below contains very little sugar, just to … Either take it to a deli and have them do it for you, or do it yourself carefully. Bodza szörp is a great thing to have if you get your hands on it. First, remember to take the skin off the salami. The sausage should not exhibit any acidity. In the traditional process the use of starter cultures and sugars are not allowed. There are a few drinks it would be good with. with erös paprika, yes, that is the correct spelling. Source: I grew up as a first-generation American to Hungarian parents. discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Sausage food community. Márk Pick later moved his business to its present location on the banks of the river Tisza, since he understood the role played in the maturing process by the cool air that rose from the river. You and I are one and the same. Third: Once you have a stack, take some French bread and slice it. On the side, have some sliced green pepper, radishes, and/or green onion. The Hungarian salami is a unique sausage which is smoked and has white mold. The types of sausage vary based on the taste influences of region Hungary where it is made. Hungarian specialties are traditionally prepared with pork drippings, which give many dishes their... Tisza Expo Kft. You don't eat that; it's paper. Sziasztok! My (immediate) family and I moved to America when I was 11 months old, but we always went back every summer since then to visit relatives and to just go back home. Well, as always, only natural ingredients are used. It is recommended to eat the sausages with fresh bread, sauerkraut, potatoes with parsley, and mustard, or alternatively, pickled vegetables such as cucumbers and peppers. When I would go fishing with my dad, he would make about 6 of these for us to snack on while we fished. Read the what to do with hungarian sausage? Cut some slices of bread. Hungarian sausages are eaten as … Third: Once you have a stack, take some French bread and slice it. The excellent aroma of the Hungarian salami is not solely due to the combination of spices (which is, of course, a closely guarded secret) but also to the protective bloom that coats the sausage during its three-month maturing period after it has been smoked. It is largely influenced by Polish kielbasa sausage and is usually smoked. Hurka is a popular Hungarian sausage consisting of ground pork liver, lungs, rice, and onions. Join the discussion today. Téliszalámi, known all over the world as Hungarian salami, is one of the “aristocrats” of all sausages. Its typically delicate aroma, good shelf life, and worldwide popularity have gone to ensure its pre-eminent position among the hierarchy of Hungarian meat products. This soup should be served after an all-night party, around dawn, because it is supposed to prevent a... All content on this web site, such as text, graphics, logos, videos and sounds are copyrighted. Best description of how to eat szalámi I've seen. He did that up until our last trip before he died. Either take it to a deli and have them do it for you, or do it yourself carefully.