Thanks, Fold in 100ml/31/2fl oz ready-made cold low fat custard instead of the yogurt, then fold in the crème fraiche. In my working days in Toronto, a few co workers and I would sometimes go to the underground concourse and get ourselves a creamy delicious frozen yogurt with any choice of fruit. I will defnitely be giving this a try. All rights reserved. Arrowroot thickens totally different than the powdered milk does in this recipe. 4. Any suggestions? That is so cool and sounds good. I made my first batch using this yogurt maker. Mine does, but I hate the fact that they are so stinking expensive. 1. ~Liz. This commission helps to support this site and keep it running. She made the majority of her baked goods with whole grains and honey and she made everything she could from scratch. First, make sure that you rinse your blackberries very well if they are fresh. We go through it much faster if I am using it a lot for cooking. This is really yummy! They did not like the taste or texture. A yogurt maker, yes a yogurt maker and I came home and bought one just like hers. I wait for an hour and a half so the milk temperature is luke warm, to that I add a tablespoon of previous day’s yogurt. I have found that Walmart brand plain yogurt does not make good starter yogurt. @JulieJ, I am sorry. Geri. So do I! Once you do? Like to add blueberries from the garden, a little cinnamon and a little sweetener. I’m very happy I purchased this yogurt maker. Make it with non-fat Greek yogurt for a Weight Watchers Friendly zero-point dessert. have a great night. I’m hoping with more straining it will yield a thicker yogurt even after flavoring is added. For this post, I’ll be giving you the homemade blackberry GoGurt recipe that we use, but you can make these in any flavor you want. However, from what I can tell from reading, if your yogurt is thick, then the cultures are working. Is just insane to me. How long does it take for 4 3/4 cups of milk to come to room temp? Lately I have not had a of time so I have not make homemade yogurt at all. Try not heating it for quite so long. Remove, let cool to room temperature, refrigerate, and enjoy. Don’t give up, it may take a few batches to get it how you like it and to adjust to the non store bought version. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. What I considered healthy was the store bought yogurt, like yoplait. Id hate to waste the money and not like it. Thanks so much! I make my own yogurt every other day. Be careful not to touch the milk, we are trying to sterilize it so the culture will flourish. We like using a fruit and vegetable wash with ours to be sure that we’ve gotten everything, but that is a personal choice. To the strained blackberry puree, add the yogurt, sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla and mix until well … I have been eating homemade yogurt since I was a kid. I hope you will come join me for Crock Pot Wednesday at I just made my first homemade batch and while the flavor was good, it did not have the thickness and creaminess as your does. Also, if you want to speed up this step of cooling off your milk, immerse the whole pan in a sinkful of cold water and ice cubes. I don’t think arrowroot would work. I have had mixed results using homemade yogurt as my starter. I would also maybe try a higher fat milk if you are using a fat free or really low fat one. After your berries are washed, add the greek yogurt and the blackberries to your blender. Then I pour the milk into the setting bowl, cover with a lid and leave in the oven over-night(dont turn you oven on). I love homemade yogurt. Placed them in the yogurt maker and they were ready in 6 1/2 hours. I tried gelatin. I decided to try some of the healthier, more organic yogurts in the stores. It says that it gives you a more European style yogurt because you do not heat the milk. Around here they’re priced around $2.75 per box, which considering what they are? Transfer to a 1-quart mason jar. Six Dollar Family is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to My question for you is this. What was her trick? @Sheri, Sheri, I have found the higher the fat milk the better the yogurt. Seven hours? It tasted extremely bitter and only the top half-inch of the yogurt was thick and creamy, the rest really runny and all of it bitter. It looks so good and sounds easy to make! Hi Lynn! Stir well, and transfer to a non metal container, (I have a favorite large Corning wear dish), cover and wrap in a large towel or blanket, and leave for a few hours or overnight. Sometimes it would turn out and my family would eat it, but most of the times I ended up using it for cooking or smoothies. I was a very sickly child. Do you know if you can use a homemade plain yogurt in place of a storebought yogurt that the recipe calls for? Also, for the plain yogurt to add to it, would lowfat work or does it also have to be full fat yogurt? Sarah, I have only tried this in my yogurt maker. The solution? I just bought this yogurt maker per your recommendation — I love creamy, thick yogurt but wanted to make our own healthier version. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Next, open a Zipsicle pack and put your funnel down into the opening. Pop in the freezer or fridge and enjoy! I think you’ve convinced me now…. It is the easiest homemade yogurt I have made. But when I visited my parents in June my mom made some of her homemade yogurt. Then, add up to 1 quart of plain non flavored yogurt (fat free or low fat are both fine).