Occasionally, they turn out amusing knock-off epics so bad they are good. Hennigan did great work with the Action sequences (his Pro Wrestling experience paid off vastly). TMDb Whatever you do. You watch them; shake your head in disbelief, and laugh because you're embarrassed to say you had so much fun. A surprisingly fun and well-made Asylum mockbuster. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Mocked film title noted, if applicable. Very unconvincing and somewhat clumsy acting. It's their ludicrous no-holds-barred sense of humor. And while the action is reasonably good, especially for an Asylum movie, there are not enough of them for such a heroic mythical figure, and a lot of the movie feels under-populated. No, neither Lyon nor "The Trouble with Truth" scenarist Jim Hemphill reveals this darkly-clad fellow's identity, but everything looks ominous. The Asylum's filmography, in order chronologically. Some people criticize and bash movies from Asylum, but "Hercules Reborn" was a fairly decent effort. "The Legend of Hercules" had a 70 Million budget. And that's all I can say about him without spoilers. Joli à regarder, divertissant, drôle (parfois volontairement, parfois non). This is probably one of three or maybe even four. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hercules Reborn at Amazon.com. His general Nikos is a jealous and angry man who is sick of the king and desires Arius’ fiancee princess Theodora for himself. There have been far worse special effects from the Asylum, but the most convincing they ever get is the blood spurting, the rest have a crude and inconsistently proportioned look to them. Hercules Reborn is decidedly a step up for The Asylum in terms of its visual presentation, but a massive step down in terms of its tone. Why a review needs to be 10 lines is beyond me. Hercules Reborn ratings (Movie, 2014) Rank is based on the total number of votes adjusted with the average rating.Trend represents the amount of new votes submitted during the past 7 days. The ENTIRE "movie" ... if one is so generous to call it that, should be on the cutting room floor. wow please don't even consider watching this movie! Maybe a shower of gold. Producers of this movie should be sued for culpable violation of the right of people for good movies.. please you moderators please post this review. Awards Do not watch. And that is disrespectful to wood. Fight scenes look extremely fake. I was very surprised by this film, it has good production values and although the plot is pretty simple it manages to entertain throughout. One of the worst movies i have ever watched, knowing Greek mythology this has nothing to do with anything Greek, after troy , 300 and Alexander the great this is the worst parody i ever watched, some people must go first to school and then to try to make a movie that contains mythology, is the least tragic! 4/10 Bethany Cox. Nikos slays the king and kidnaps Theodora so Arius sets out to find Hercules who is known to help those in need. Fortunately, I am entirely unconcerned with things like “factual accuracy”. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. 2014 User Ratings It’s about a guy who was supposedly sired by Zeus, f’heaven’s sake. A warrior movie should have the right story and right hard work from the crew to make it work, and i could clearly see no one were interested in making this movie. really don't waste your time to see this, better watch the smurfs are more realistic than this monstrosity. "Hercules Reborn" was better than "The Legend of Hercules" (even though they both currently have a 4.2 IMDb rating). You have been warned.Why a review needs to be 10 lines is beyond me. "Hercules Reborn" is a remarkable achievement for Asylum considering its small micro budget. Genre(s) Drama, Adventure Director(s) Nick Lyon Cast includes John Hennigan, Christian Oliver, Marcus Shirock, James Duval, Dylan Vox, Christina Ulfsparre, Alistair A. Duff, Jeremy M. Inman Waste of time. Compared to what The Asylum often churn out, Hercules Reborn is watchable. Line 1 says it all. Greco-Roman films and TV series I have watched: from best to worst, Poor melodramatic acting most of the time, The director should be banned from the industry. If you like action and something to watch check it out. 0/10 it should be. Hercules Reborn stars John Morrison (Impact, Lucha Underground, WWE, AAA) as Hercules. can i rank it -1? Some people criticize and bash movies from Asylum, but "Hercules Reborn" was a fairly decent effort. Overall, Hercules Reborn is a quite mediocre movie but it did not come across as a terrible one either. At least it's better than this year's Adventures of Hercules, and based on preliminary trailers, probably better than The Rock and Rattner's. They made it work somehow (even on a shoestring budget!). Ahhoz képest, hogy assylumos cucc, nem is teljesen borzasztó. However, the movie doesn’t actually revolve around Hercules. Hercules as imagined by The Asylum film company. Damn awful and and very disappointing. "The Legend of Hercules" had a 70 Million budget. Asylum fans will enjoy this one quite a bit, but if you dislike Asylum's work you probably won't see anything here that will change your mind. were certainly better than one has come to expect from this particular outfit, it's just a pity the same can't be said for the casting and acting, which for the most part was, well, a bit odd. That counts as a step up right? If anyone is equally as sad as I and knows of any i've missed, let me…, A "mockbuster" is a film made with intention of piggy-backing on the publicity of a major film with a similar…. Hercules Reborn ist ein Actionfilm aus dem Jahr 2014 von Nick Lyon mit John Hennigan, Jeremy M. Inman und Christina Ulfsparre.. Like I said this movie is not as bad as most say, some just don't see it as a legit Hercules tale but its a movie worth watching it to come up with your own conclusions. Gosh I hope this is finally enough lines to hit submit. wow please don't even consider watching this movie! From a technical standpoint, this is head and shoulders above the vast majority of Asylum's stuff. My young daughters thought it was a spoof. Horribly shot, atrociously acted, poorly scripted and lacking in decent action scenes, the only redeeming factor in regards to this film is it's potential for a drinking game. Every now and then you look forward to enjoy a average or slightly above average movie and you find yourself surprised. This is not the Hercules you are looking for. | In fact, this is one of The Asylum's better efforts of late, and a very far cry from their nadir offerings such as 'Dragon Crusaders' and the truly abysmal 'Attila'.