© 2020 HAWAIʻI Magazine. However yet again, that spicy heat is way too overbearing for me. Turns out it’s an Indonesia Chili Paste, being like the “other Sriracha” sauce if you will. If you're looking for great ready-made poke, Foodland locations across the state are a good place to go. They just need to make sure that it at least says “Spicy” in the description, as customers such as myself won’t assume “Mongolian” means “spicy”, nor would I ever imagine local style fried rice being super spicy unless perhaps if it had Kim Chee in it. Once you unpack this Pipikaula Fried Rice meal kit, you have to cut the whole slab of Pipikaula cured beef into bite-sized cubes, and also chop the fresh stalks of green onion. Just be sure to seek out freshly caught tuna to make it. grated fresh ginger1 chili pepper, cored, seeded and diced (optional)Sea salt, to taste2 tsp. Moving on to exhibit B, we have the Mongolian Beef with Snow Peas Calabash Meal Kit by Foodland. The word poke (pronounced poh-keh) is Hawaiian, meaning “to slice or cut crosswise into pieces.” The poke first eaten by native Hawaiians was a simple mixture of raw fish, Hawaiian salt, seaweed and chopped kukui nuts (called inamona in Hawaiian). Doraku unveils renovated restaurant and exclusive dishes at Royal Hawaiian Center, The Counter Custom Burgers Kahala once again locally owned, Turkey Jook Recipe - Recipe: Turkey Jook (Rice Porridge) - Tasting Table, “Distance”: Wolfang’s tribute song to his dad, Eddie Van Halen, Haru’s Bama Kitchen: Katsu, Ramen, Charsiu and his Guava tree, Big Island Candies offering tasty new treats for 2020. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving. My husband and I love to eat the version of it made with raw tuna. Above we have them “evil” dried red chili peppers… ooh, you! What sets it apart from most other ready-to-cook meal kits, is the meats and produce in the kits are for the most part fresh, not processed, dehydrated and/or frozen (except the peas in this case). Post-colonial contact, that basic recipe got a bit more interesting with the introduction of onions and, sometimes, tomatoes to the mix. That’s what the label should say, or perhaps better yet warn, might you be as I am, one who can’t handle food that’s super spicy hot. Since I planned on eating this as a main dish, I thought of keeping the pipikaula in larger whole-slab slices, however ended up dicing all of it in cubes to make it look like the package label, since this was also being featured for this product review. Cook Your Favorite Island Foods at Home with this Book, How to Get a Taste of Lychee All Year Long, Celebrate National Fortune Cookie Day with Hawai‘i Candy. Going along with the theme of dried meats, this is pipikaula, otherwise known as Hawaiian-style beef jerky. After several more minutes at the stove as “Da’ Fy Lice Wok Mastah!”, boom, there it is, Calabash Pipikaula Fried Rice. Your email address will not be published. HAWAII Magazine reader “C.C.” wrote us to ask how she could make one of her favorite Hawaii snacks at home. Also modify the instructions to tell the customer that hot peppers and hot sauce quantities can and should be adjusted “according to taste”. You… you! 1 lb. Traditionally pipikaula isn't deep fried or made from spareribs, so if you use Helena's as a standard for pipikaula you'll be disappointed. Helena's pipikaula spareribs are their own recipe/style. Once the rice is fried and has a golden color, in goes the rest of the ingredients, where the “spatchler” again keeps everything tossing and turning on high heat to thoroughly combine and finish the dish. fresh ahi steaks, cut into cubed, bite-size pieces 1/4 cup soy sauce (shoyu) Then there’s that “Fried Rice Sauce”, which again is made with shoyu, oyster sauce, sesame oil and sriracha. And this is where upon tasting it, it’s really, really ono! Excellent in almost every respect to what a great local style Fried Rice should be. And? Each kit includes every main ingredient in the exact quantities measured to prepare it. View the current state guidelines for travel to Hawaiʻi, Can't Travel to Hawai‘i? Don’t get me wrong, like the super spicy Pipikaula Fried Rice, I ate every bite (over two separate occasions), yet again needed a glass of cold milk to chase it with. Calabash Meal Kits are a new food product line by Foodland that makes it easy to prepare Chef-designed restaurant quality dishes at home. Just be sure to seek out freshly caught tuna to make it. As for those red peppers, as it turns out, they’re dried red chili peppers. But should you want some assistance, there are options. Opening it up, we see the Mongolian Beef with Snow Peas includes, except for the dried red peppers, all fresh produce, which is what I appreciate most about these kits. With that, Foodland better do more taste testing with several members of their staff before releasing dishes like this, and either label it more appropriately to note its spice (Scoville Unit) level, or specify in the instructions to adjust the amount of that spicy hot Fried Rice Sauce “to taste”, and not just pour in the whole dang thing! With that, their shelf life is much shorter, yet the benefit is, again, a truly excellent tasting, restaurant quality dish, at what amounts to a very reasonable price for a serving of two. If it said “Kung Pao Fried Rice”, yeah, sure, but not Pipikaula, as that Hawaiian style of cured beef sin’t typically spicy hot in and of itself. It was like one of them “I hate you, but I love you!”grinding moments, if you know what I mean. Pipi, or bipi, is the Hawaiian word for beef, and kaula means rope, so essentially it means beef rope. Pipikaula became a favorite snack for paniolo (Hawaiian cowboys) in the 19th century. Again, nothing on the package indicates this being very spicy hot, except for perhaps the presence of red peppers. Da’ kine, “Whoah, Nelly!” Hot! Photo: Sherie Char. The carrots were packed grated, so no work there. I was like “Whoah! Required fields are marked *. finely chopped toasted macadamia nuts (optional, as a substitute for inamona, which is difficult to find outside of Hawaii), (Note: You can vary the ingredients to your taste.). Let’s start with the Pipikaula Fried Rice Calabash Meal Kit, where as a reminder about this product review, it’s all about how spicy hot these two dishes turned out being.