Please enable Javascript to be able to submit this form. When it comes to true diversity and inclusion, geography plays a major role. A: I have noticed that brands are moving away from building bespoke applications, and are moving to where their consumers are already, through integrating service utility and experiences into existing social apps. Top creative and media agency leaders discussed how … Comment on Twitter @MediaTMO or on our Facebook page. Coca Cola Remote workers in America’s heartland: Since much of the advertising in America is headquartered on the east and west coasts, this piece provides insight into the value of midwestern perspective. It’s vital for modern marketers to know their audience, but they should also remember that diversity extends beyond race alone. 5 Strategies to Build a Diverse Company: This looks at ways diversity can impact every corner of an organization. : This article acknowledges the existing template marketers use as a strategy, and why it needs to change. : This piece reinforces the need to know one’s audience. Why the Ad Industry's Diversity Strategy Needs a New Brief | … It’s important to keep empathy, not sympathy, as the ultimate goal. Read on to learn about the impact of remote workers on diversity and inclusion. Examples of advertising missteps: Just as articles offer tips on what to do, this helps to understand what not to do, by example. The Media Online spoke to her after her address to find out more. Building a Mindful Culture: This piece examines the need for mindfulness in creating messages, starting with diversity. : This piece looks into historical examples of failed diversity marketing campaigns. This is a how-to article about driving diversity and inclusion as a mission statement. Rita Mitjans, ADP’s chief diversity and social responsibility officer, says: “Diversity is the ‘what’; inclusion is the ‘how’.” #Diversity is the what. The phrase "diversity and inclusion" is doing the ad industry more harm than good, writes Rochelle-Newman Carrasco. How influencers help engage audiences: This is an opinion piece about the role of influencers on audiences and how they can help engage them. : This article looks at not only advertising but content marketing, as a whole. Views on racial diversity in ads in U.S. 2020. Copyright © 2020 Maryville University. Penetrating new markets makes it more possible to generate new revenue. 10 demographic trends that are shaping the U.S.: This comprehensive Pew report examines a variety of factors, including race, that contribute to the changes in America’s population. Why diversity in advertising is important for revenue. 09/11/2015 05:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Image by Rowan Heuvel. In a rapidly changing world, representing diversity in advertising and marketing is a never-ending challenge. For example: is there diversity in my casting and is that talent then authentically portrayed? We deliver up-to-date industry insights, guest columns, case studies, content from local and global contributors, news, views and interviews on a daily basis as well as providing an online home for The Media magazine’s content, which is posted on a monthly basis. A recent Newscred survey of U.S. marketers found that more than 91% of U.S. marketers agree with the statement “there is still room for growth in using more diverse images by marketers.” It’s clear that most American companies have a diversity blindspot that may be impacting business growth potential. Q: How would you define diversity and inclusion in advertising? Empathy and effective content marketing: This article looks at not only advertising but content marketing, as a whole. : This article examines the need for empathy to connect, and provides examples of successful campaigns. : This article offers practical tips to incorporate diversity into messaging. Diverse thoughts are contagious, and add significant value to the ideation process. Q: Advertising for social good, what is it all about and why is it important? Seven ways to drive diversity and inclusion. Importance of diversity in advertising according to consumers in the U.S. 2019. The CEO’s perspective on diversity and revenue. U.S. Census Bureau data revealed that the racial and ethnic minority population grew faster than the Caucasian population from 2015 to 2016. In 2017 I launched a children’s book and app called Penny the Pirate for eye-care client OPSM, that can test the vision of a child through the simple act of reading them a story. The CEO’s perspective on diversity and revenue: This is a first-person account about the revenue-producing results. Javascript has been disabled in this browser. The Media Online is the definitive online point of reference for South Africa’s media industry offering relevant, focused and topical news on the media sector. Ultimately, the key to staying competitive lies in providing diversified content for diversified audiences, in a way that actually represents present-day society. Brand/agency co-creation: Are two heads better than one? Simple ideas executed well are what the panel rewarded and came up trumps, not the size of the production budget, or the millions of media impressions. As a creative working at Google, I am often invited to judge digital and innovation awards for the industry. Content isn’t effective if audiences aren’t connecting with the message. Diversity and inclusion are not synonymous.