ChuChu Rocket! Various Daylife (Square Enix) Repair (ustwo) The Enchanted World (Noodlecake Studios) You have access to occasional bombs, decoy frogs, and a scattering of other single-shot weapons, but they can’t make up for a control method and collision detection that feel frustratingly random. Dreamcast20 #19: Chu Chu Rocket 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Dreamcast, Sega's final - and in my opinion the finest - home videogame console. Shinsekai: Into the Depths (Capcom) Metro Exodus is getting a free update for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S – 4A Games also announce sequel and… Metro multiplayer? With a nice range of enemies and an interface that works brilliantly on a touchscreen, its pint-sized step time engagements on cute isometric maps are an excellent match for mobile. New and astonishing environments are welcoming dozens of levels, some of them inspired by the most infamous originals. The Bradwell Conspiracy (Bossa Studio) Comments are welcome and encouraged on Gematsu. Overland isn’t an exclusive, it’s also available on PC and consoles, but Its turn-based post-apocalyptic survival proves as brutally hard as it does on other formats, even if some of the text proves trickier to read on a small screen. This version retains multiplayer, where you direct as many mice as possible to your rocket, while sending cats to everyone else’s. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without acknowledgment of Gematsu is prohibited. It’s a great list and offers multiple titbits for all tastes. Red Reign (Ninja Kiwi) Hold the screen to swing your ‘cricketeer’s’ arms around and release it to let your ball fly; even if this version of cricket is at least as much a contact sport as it is anything to do with where the ball ends up. Assemble with Care (ustwo) ChuChu Rocket! As well as watching them go about their business, you also need to guide them across charmingly drawn landscapes using a house of cards that you collapse and reconstruct with a pinch of thumb and forefinger. Spelldrifter (Free Range Games) Although you can earn coins to unlock challenge levels and new outfits for your frog, if you can muster enough enthusiasm to care. The storyline is new, but the objective for players remains the same: help all the ChuChus escape by placing directional arrows that lead them to their space rocket. Lifelike (Kunabi Brothers) © Copyright Gematsu, Inc. 2008-2020. You could previously buy specially designed MFI Bluetooth controllers, but few ever did, and this brings controller-usage firmly into the mainstream. Speed Demons (Radiangames) #AppleEvent It’s already available for iPhone and iPad, and offers the ability to pair your device with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller. Cricket Through the Ages (Devolver Digital) No Way Home (SMG Studios) Although nowhere near as deep or rewarding as the older Tony Hawk games, Skate City’s simple 2D grind and flip-athon still manages to pack a huge number of tricks into an inspiringly simple control interface. Yaga (Versus Evil), Email, leave a comment below, and follow us on Twitter, MORE : Apple Arcade release date, price, games, controller and everything you need to know, MORE : Apple Arcade is already available for some people days before official launch, Funeral workers pose for grinning pictures with Diego Maradona’s body inside coffin, Ex-Arsenal defender Mathieu Debuchy endorses William Saliba’s return to Saint-Etienne, Mikel Arteta admits he’s had ‘difficult months’ with Arsenal star Folarin Balogun, Marcus Rashford explains penalty situation with Bruno Fernandes at Manchester United, Mikel Arteta hails Reiss Nelson’s mentality after refusing to leave Arsenal, Apple Arcade release date, price, games, controller and everything you need to know, Apple Arcade is already available for some people days before official launch. It is The ChuChus vehicle for racing competitions. Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree (Wildboy Studios) (Lykke Studios) However, we ask that you follow a simple set of guidelines: Gematsu reserves the right to edit or delete any comments without notice. Jenny LeClue – Detectivu (Mografi) Not to mention the vast amounts of money they’re spending on it. Even the menu has received the ChuChu touch. Capcom’s side (and downward) scrolling underwater adventure has your deep-sea diver encountering a range of subaquatic obstacles from deadly terrain to fierce flora and fauna, all of which needs to be traversed, hopped over with your underwater jetpack, or pummelled into submission. game, which it has confirmed “will be available exclusively on Apple Arcade.”. Apple Arcade will cost $4.99/£4.99 per month – following a one month free trial – giving access to a catalogue of over 100 new and exclusive games for the service. That goes for the games, how it works in practice, and the eco-system in which it’s built. Some of the puzzles can be tricky, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get … Winding Worlds (Ko_op) With a strategic depth that slowly reveals itself as you play, this is a gripping and often extremely tense game of risk and reward. Almost 20 years on from the original game’s debut on the Dreamcast, where it helped to pioneer online console gaming, ChuChu Rocket! Sega has shared the first information, gameplay teaser trailer, and screenshots for ChuChu Rocket! ChuChu Rocket file size - 156.6MB is absolutely safe because was tested by Spek. , With new 3D puzzles to explore and the frantic multiplayer you all know and love, ChuChu Rocket!