According to some worrying reports, growing your own veg can seriously damage your health, rather than improve it. How would be best to cook them and what are tese cross pollinated plants called? Bring to the boil then add the courgette stalks and the butter and cook for 2 minutes. To prepare: Courgettes do not need to be peeled - trim the ends off and either cook whole or slice into rounds or strips, wash before use. UK data on courgette-related poisonings is sparse. The edible flower of the courgette, or zucchini, bush. ele Monday, July 25th, 2016. Not only can you taste the bitterness, but those courgettes affected had a strong bitter toxic smell. A: You definitely can, and should! Jo, via email. Long-haulers report dental problems months after recovering from the infection, Donald Trump says COVID vaccines will start going out NEXT WEEK as he brags about his accomplishments in Thanksgiving call with U.S. troops and tells them 'don't eat too much turkey', Texas funeral becomes a super spreader event after 100 people pack into the pews and remove masks to pose for photos leaving 42 family members infected with COVID-19, Oxford-AstraZeneca will likely run a NEW global coronavirus vaccine trial after the jab blocked 90% of infections in participants that were accidentally given a LOWER dose, CEO says, Narcissists classed as key workers during the Covid pandemic thrived because it made them feel like 'heroes' and 'gave them a chance to shine'. Normally this is not a problem, unless the plant – whether it's a courgette, cucumber, squash or pumpkin – has been accidentally cross-pollinated. Others even tell of accidentally poisoning dinner party guests by feeding them courgettes from the garden. OP’s posts: See next | See all Add message | Report | See all. Others even tell of accidentally poisoning dinner party guests by feeding them courgettes from the garden. Hi all I have a few spare courgettes from my garden (Some are too big and some got slighly eaten by bugs) So I was just wondering can I feed them to hens Thanks Fionn. Dozens – possibly hundreds – of gardeners are thought to have been poisoned in recent months by eating home-grown courgettes laden with harmful toxins (stock). Symptoms range from crippling stomach cramps, violent vomiting and diarrhoea to, in some cases, severe trembling, fever and terrifying hallucinogenic dreams. The RHS says cases of poisoning are still rare but the risks can be reduced by not saving seeds from one year to the next and only buying brands that carry the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Q: We eat a lot of broccoli and I usually throw out the stalk. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. One sufferer said: 'I was up all night. But did you know that you can eat the stems, too? Do courgettes need to be cooked? Commercial vegetable growers use seeds genetically engineered to be free of these chemicals, which also removes their bitter flavour, so that the end product is palatable. In very rare cases, it can even be fatal. The comments below have not been moderated. But after that experience I don't think I will eat another ever again.'. There are two types of flower: the flower with the immature vegetable attached is the female, and the more eye-catching flower on the long stalk is the male. You’ll find zucchini in a lot of local gardens. Courgettes, marrows, pumpkins, squashes and other members of the cucurbit family are fun to grow. Zucchini recipes abound almost as much as the fruit itself. Knowing how to avoid or remedy these problems can make the difference between success and failure. 'It knocked me out. Some experts warn that heat stress – such as the hot, dry conditions much of Britain experienced in April and May – can drive up toxin levels in the veg. 'The courgette looked great, you would never have imagined there was anything wrong with it. Divide the courgette stalks between 2 plates and spoon over the buttery cooking liquor. The courgette has a soft, inner flesh like a cucumber and you can use it for several different raw preparations. It’s the male flower that is sold in bunches and used in Italian cooking. Not only does it bolster our mental health, it also reduces our weekly shopping bills at a time of economic uncertainty. However, a … This is when it has come into contact with pollen from another plant of the same family that still has high levels of toxic cucurbitacins. Both the leaves and the stem are safe for eating. The company acted after receiving 'a handful' of complaints from customers that their home-grown harvest made them violently ill. Touchy Trump blasts 'lightweight' reporter who interrupted him and asked whether he will concede - but he admits he WILL leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, Three are arrested for toppling and vandalizing Portland war memorial as protesters graffiti businesses with racist and anti-Thanksgiving messages, Ocean's three! And for the elderly and frail, the effects are potentially very serious. 'I once had a courgette plant that I grew from cross-pollinated saved seeds, and after one mouthful I spat it out as it tasted so disgusting. Courgettes don't need peeling. In July, one of Britain's top plant seed suppliers – Suffolk-based Mr Fothergill's – issued a product recall after it emerged it had inadvertently released a consignment of courgette seeds with very high levels of cucurbitacins. Yes eat them . Heat 150ml/5fl oz of water in a saucepan over a medium heat and drop in the lemon verbena leaves. (10 Posts) Add message | Report. However, many gardeners collect seeds from their vegetables at the end of the season and save them to grow new plants the following year. While you do this, set a pot of salted water on the stove over high heat. jellyjelly Thu 11-May-06 20:29:54. Moreover, can you eat courgette skin? Mine love them. It’s one of the most popular vegetables in the squash family, being extremely versatile, tender and easy to cook. You can also cut them into thin matchsticks and add them to your salad that way. 'These are non-edible types of squash, pumpkins or courgettes that are very bright and colourful and are grown as a form of decoration around the garden.'. So how can lovingly tendered, chemical-free, home-produced veg be so bad for us? By Kate (11/07/2020) Thanks for this thread. The courgette is a variety of cucurbit, which means it’s from the same family as cucumber, squash and melon. Bring to the boil then add the courgette stalks and the butter and cook for 2 minutes.