This will be up to 3 months after transplanting depending on variety selected. Yield/population per acre is around 12,000 and 16,000 heads. You should also seek professional advice relevant to your own circumstances. Waxy - Waxy leaves get less attacks by moths (the wiremesh curtain look on leaves) 4. Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya cabbage to the local and export market. ===== Our Discounted Fruit tree farming Packages, Oxfarm Partnership with fruit tree nursery operators, How to quit your job, move to your farm and start making sane money. They usually recommend the growing of the seeds in raised nurseries prior to transferring the seedlings to the farm. The plants have a short thick stalk bearing leaves which form a tight ball called a ‘head’. For the well-known reason of satiating local demand first, the cabbage market in Kenya has two unequal divisions: local and export. It matures a little ahead of its third month after planting. ... Kenya Seed Agent Application Form (692 downloads) Kenya Seed Products Catalogue (2684 downloads) To practice responsible agriculture, farmers can use up to 5000 kilograms of farm compost over the three months of growing. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Its value chain lies in ease of transportation over a long trip. Show all. Can Fruit Appearance Affect Farmer’s Profitability? This portal is an active B2B website for all Food Suppliers and their products like Food. The most outstanding, however is Queen F1, a hybrid that is slowly changing the lives of farmers. The same applies to the 1100 to 2200 meter growth area in Kisii and South Nyanza in Western parts of the country. Copyright @ 2020 Kenya Seed Company Limited. They usually require a sharp blade to sever the stalk a few inches below the lowest leaves. Waxy - Waxy leaves get less attacks by moths (the wiremesh curtain look on leaves) 4. In fact, nutritionists forward the fact that cabbages feature more Vitamin C than fruits like orange. The cabbage heads are mature and ready for harvest when they become firm to the touch. As a result, they require fertile soil. An acre of cabbage can hold about 19,000 plants which translates to a profit of more than Ksh 400,000 on a good season ( 2 months) 7. Owing to its high Vitamin C proficiency, the cabbage intake reduces related diseases like bleeding gums, dry lip edges and weak immunity against disease. Select options. Its vibrant, crack-free firm head makes it a winner in the retail stores. The best soil PH is between 6.5 to 6.8 with a low level of acidity. Cabbages in Kenya are farmed for sale in the local market. Perhaps the best known of all is Copenhagen as well as Gloria F1 cultivars. This is usually after a month in the nursery. Increase soil fertility by adding organic manure and fertilizers available at the local agrovet shops. The Kenya Seed Company is among the seed companies in East Africa that research, develop and market high-yielding cabbage seeds. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. Cabbage seedlings are transplanted when they are about 15cm high. The temperatures to enhance growth of our best sourced cabbages are usually within the accredited 16-degree to 20-degree celsius optimum. Explore commodity data and keep track of opportunities globally, Get the most competitive offers from suppliers, Sell food & agricultural products to global buyers. Cabbage Farming Profit Per Acre. Its seed is widely available in many agro-stores in Kenya. All you have to do is compare and choose the best one. The production of cabbages, according to Export Processing Zone has a “local horticulture market that is very open.” This means that prices can go to extremes when there is an interplay between surplus and shortage.