The mission of The Bush School is to spark in students of diverse backgrounds and talents a passion for learning, accomplishment, and contribution to their communities. In addition, The Bush School does not discriminate in matters of employment on the basis of age or marital status. The Financial Aid Committee uses the RFC as a starting point from which to determine a financial aid award. The mission of The Bush School is to spark in students of diverse backgrounds and talents a passion for learning, accomplishment, and contribution to their communities. Some factors that SSS by NAIS takes into account are: income (both taxable and nontaxable), assets (home equity, savings, bonds, etc. In these times of uncertainty, it is our goal to work with families to make a Bush education affordable and accessible. We encourage families who may need tuition assistance, whether temporary or longer term, to reach out to Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Adam Choice. Each and every one of our families at Bush has made the commitment to their child’s education and future in partnership with our leadership, faculty, and staff. Bush is committed to making our educational experience affordable and accessible to talented students of all backgrounds, regardless of a family’s financial circumstances. Financial aid is a financial partnership between a family and the school. The financial aid application takes approximately forty-five minutes to complete. The Bush School will offer admission only to applicants for whom we can provide financial assistance. As we near the midpoint of the academic year, the school is interested in hearing feedback from students, parents/guardians, faculty, and staff about your experiences this year. will share an overview of key subject areas and will delve into more practical tips and strategies for developing an approach that works for you and those around you. The conversation and panel will cover common questions and vivid examples to process through how to overcome potential challenges and move into conversations and moments with more ease. © The Bush School 3400 East Harrison Street, Seattle WA 98112 (206) 326-7736, “Bush has smaller classes, like 10 to 16 people, which gives the teachers a lot more time and the ability to focus on making a student better. And the teachers are very compassionate. In the case when a non-custodial parent does not have contact with their child over an extended period of time, and does not provide financial support, this requirement can be waived. What is the range of award amounts given to families receiving financial aid at Bush? If there have not been any major increases or decreases in a family's total income and assets, the percentage of the financial aid award applied toward tuition will remain consistent from year to year. SSS by NAIS uses a specific methodology to assess the financial resources a family has available to contribute towards the educational expenses of their children. Education is an investment that lasts a lifetime. If the cost of a Bush education feels out of reach based on your family’s financial circumstances, we believe submitting a financial aid application is worth exploring. What if a non-custodial parent is not willing to complete the financial aid application? As part of this important partnership and in following best practice, The Bush School requires all families receiving financial aid to complete a financial aid application each year. Who is eligible to apply for financial aid? If parents are divorced or separated, who fills out the financial aid application? Head of School Percy L. Abram and the division directors will review the feedback and share a summary of results with you as we find items that might alter our program, schedule, and/or homework expectations in the new year. Please take the time to fill out the surveys by Monday, November 30. The Bush School is an independent, coeducational day school located in Seattle, WA enrolling 694 students in grades K–12. The Bush School believes that primary responsibility for paying for a student’s education rests with all parents.