The Hunter College Elementary School Application for kindergarten entry in fall 2021 will open on Saturday, September 26, 2020. Please review carefully the application requirements and procedures. NY, NY 10065 New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math High School (NEST+m). Fifth graders discussed the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle as well as the roots of American democracy in the Magna Carta. Hunter is firmly in the progressive camp, with an emphasis on teaching children to work independently, to discover their own interests, and to develop academic skills through hands-on projects. We welcome questions, open discussions, and disagreements but comments with personal attacks, rude language, or those with seemingly malicious intent will be deleted. Hunter College Elementary School (HCES) is a publicly-funded (tuition-free) school that serves a diverse population of children who have been identified as intellectually talented. After reviewing the website, if still you have questions, you may contact the Admissions Office at Students have three hours to complete the Exam. Children not only learn complex ideas, they also learn to explain them to others. SPECIAL EDUCATION: The school has two "learning specialists" for children who have very high IQs but who may have other special needs. HCES encourages applications from families of all socio-economic, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. By Testing for Kindergarten September 22, 2012 . NNAT Test When a new account is created, an application identification code is assigned and emailed to the primary parent, along with instructions for editing and submitting the application. In the event of inclement weather, the snow date is scheduled for Friday, January 17th, 2020. On another visit, sixth graders created Rube Goldberg machines—elaborate contraptions of cardboard, pulleys, chutes, balls and dominos—designed to perform the simple task of zipping a zipper The children were then asked to use the devices to explain the principles of force and acceleration—Newton's Laws of Motion—to third graders. Please post any news, updates, events, changes, or other information! Each year, 50 children are admitted to our program. Residency cannot be proved with other documents. Although the work is demanding, the focus is not on acceleration so much as delving into topics in depth. The I.Q. (212) 229-5471 The students, families, faculty and administration welcome you to the Hunter College Elementary School website. Nearly 2,200 families request an application for their children to take an IQ test to be considered for admission (at a cost of about $350, plus $70 for an application fee). The application system will close on Friday, October 30th at 4:00pm. NYC Gifted and Talented Test PLEASE READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN "THE APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS AND PROCESS" SECTION BELOW BEFORE STARTING AN APPLICATION. Hunter College Elementary School (HCES) is a great option for gifted students in New York City, and it is free to attend given the Hunter partnership with CUNY. The application system will close on Friday, October 30, 2020 at 4:00pm. There is no essay or recommendation letter requirement. In the first round, a parent/guardian accompanies his/her child to the office of an HCES-approved tester, trained to administer a portion of the Stanford Binet V (SB V), an assessment of intellectual reasoning. Should You Prepare Your Young Child For Private School or Gifted and Talented Testing – Part 2 . Tagged with GATE testing, gifted and talented, gifted and talented test prep, Hunter College Elementary, Hunter College Elementary test prep, private school test prep, test prep, CogAT Test Preparing a young child for the Stanford-Binet 5 (SB5) and Gifted and Talented (G&T) tests, required for admissions to HCES and New York City's G&T programs, respectively, can be … It is our regret that we cannot accommodate all who are interested in seeing HCES in fall 2020. The application is accessible via the link included in the email OR by copying and pasting the identification code into the screen where you are working. Hunter College Elementary School is one of the oldest schools for intellectually-gifted students in the country. Nearly 2,200 families request an application for their children to take an IQ test to be considered for admission (at a cost of about $350, plus $70 for an application fee). Applicants for the September 2021 kindergarten class must be born during 2016: January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016. Workshops run on a first come first serve basis. test is used only to screen elementary school applicants, who must first score in the 97th or 98th percentile on the national I.Q. There are two rounds of assessment within the HCES admissions process. We no longer are accepting applications. Testers will send a report of each child’s performance to the HCES Admissions Office - parents will NOT receive scores or a report of their child's performance.