Sep 28, 2017 @ 1:06pm Black knight shield. May 4, 2016 @ 8:36am Plank shield. Black Knight Shield has the highest fire defense of any shield. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. Unless players are seriously struggling against bleed, the Red Rust Shield is … Weapons . Heater shield is a small shield,not a medium shield! It requires 29 strength and 13.5 equip load, but this is well worth the benefits. At least it looks amazing. It sounds good on paper, but there are few times where players will fight Miracle invaders or PvE monsters using lightning. For blocking lightning - the Spirit Tree Crest … Looking for the best shield? Unlike most medium shields, the Spirit Tree Shield is capable of parrying spells if the player times their parries correctly. More than just a wall between you and the enemy, the player is presented with a wide variety of shield styles to choose from, allowing them the freedom to integrate their shield into their own personal playstyle. ~~DEFENSE~~ Havel's Greatshield has the highest average defense of any shield. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Next Equipment Enhancement Prev Equipment Most useful rings. Effigy Shield has the highest lightning defense of any shield. The Silverblack shield is this game's new Dark Hand. Some shields vastly outperform others whether by their stats or unique properties. For other games, see Greatshields (Dark Souls II)and Greatshields (Dark Souls III). 70% physical mitigation, 85% dark mitigation, and 90% mitigation to all other damage types make for one of the best stat-to-defense ratios in the game, but it gets better. This shield only blocks 10% of elemental damage while fully blocking physical. 5. Parrying is an important skill to master in the Dark Souls trilogy. Obtained from The Gutter, this greatshield provides complete immunity to physical damage and a solid amount of damage resistance against most magic damage types. Players must kill Vendrick in the Undead Crypt, which in itself requires players to obtain Giant Souls. The Crystal Shield and the Spider Shield both have 100% toxic and poison block. For blocking Dark - the Crest Shield is your best bet here, having the best Dark block of any shield. Spider Shield - On the bridge in the valley of the drakes - Decent resistances, slightly above average stability for it's weight, and grants extra poison resistance. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Main article: Shields Greatshields are a type of shield in Dark Souls. One such winner is the Sunlight Parma, a shield depicting Solaire from the original Dark Souls. For blocking lightning - the Spirit Tree Crest Shield and Lothric Knight Shield are your two options. Most players gravitate towards the Drangleic Shield for its above-average stats and low-stat requirements, but there is another shield that does this better. The Old Knight Shield can be Magic infused for 91.2% Magic Reduction and 98.2% Physical. ATRFAQ 6 years ago #1. after fully upgraded, whats the best standard shield? This weapon is amazing at blocking spell damage, but there are only a select few areas in the game where this shield can truly shine. There is practically no weakness to this shield, but only those who spec somewhat into magic will get the most use out of this item. The Drakekeeper's Greatshield is a poor man's Havel's. Lolimancer. Effigy Shield has the highest lightning defense of any shield. That is exactly what the Rampart Golem Shield is. Havel's Greatshield and Crystal Ring Shield tie for highest magic defense at 90%. The Balder Shield has the highest stability of any infusable medium shield. The Silver Knight Shield has the highest stability of any medium shield. Style and power all in one. This article is based on the Scholar of the First Sin edition of Dark Souls 2. < > Showing 1-15 of 29 comments . … Can I get Best crystal weapon achievement with upgrading a shield? Its main use is to ignore lightning damage when infused with lightning, although this only works in the Scholar of the First Sin edition of the game. Worst: Red Rust Shield. Black Knight Shield has the highest fire defense of any shield. The issue is how much effort players must go through to obtain it. Few games are as punishing as the Dark Souls franchise. Shields are among the most important pieces of equipment in Dark Souls 2, so today we're sorting out the best and worst ones to use.