Nearly half the subjects taking a gram of spirulina daily for a year experienced complete regressions, while the control group rate (no treatment) was significantly lower at 7%. Best Iron Supplements - Top 10 Brands in 2020, Best Beef Protein Supplements - Top 10 Brands Reviewed for 2020, Best Multivitamins for Men: Top 10 Brands in 2020, Best Whey Protein Powders: Top 10 Brands in 2020. No Wheat 5. You can refer to’s spirulina guide for more information on dosage. That means that spirulina is almost 60% protein by weight. (17), Animal studies indicate spirulina can cut the chances of developing cancerous tumors, as well as inhibiting tumor growth. Spirulina includes a dense mixture of antioxidants and micronutrients, making it a good way to augment your daily intake of phytonutrients. It can taste just how it looks–green. Best spirulina for fighting inflammation: Micro Ingredients Organic Spirulina. Generally, you’ll find spirulina power is either bottled or packaged in a resealable packet. Their GMP-certification is NPA A-rated, which means you can be sure they go to a huge amount of effort to ensure their product is pure and as nutritious as possible. Some scientific research even supports the idea that it could help protect your body from damage after being exposed to heavy metals. A: Like many antioxidants, spirulina has a shelf life that’s a bit shorter than other supplements. Frequently Asked Questions About Spirulina Supplements. The Best Spirulina Powder: 3 Brands You Should Know About. With over 70 powerful ingredients (including spirulina) Athletic greens packs anti-oxidants, immune system support, digestion help and more into one delicious drink (kind of a minty taste). (16), Phycocyannin is the main active ingredient in spirulina that acts as an antioxidant; it also imparts the distinctive blue-green color to the substance. (14), Spirulina can reduce the damage caused by free radicals in the body. As a natural probiotic, this powerful and antioxidant-rich offering from nature has proven for many to be an ideal nutritional supplement. We think the spirulina is a little stickier in consistency than most, so we would recommend taking extra care both storing and working with it. This includes an increase in the production of breastmilk for some mothers struggling with this for nutritional reasons. Spirulina can help improve endurance performance. It is safe for kids and pregnant or breastfeeding women to use, should they wish too. It’s worth it. Powder form spirulina will also degrade more quickly after being opened, since it has a much greater surface area that is exposed to the air. This makes it far more palatable. Pills are more convenient to consume, while powder may be blended into smoothies, salads, bread, and used as a seasoning in many foods. Since this occasionally happens, it’s worth prioritizing a company that offers free replacements or even a moneyback guarantee. Hide Rankings. As long as you stick with a top-rated spirulina brand, you shouldn’t have any problems with purity. To minimize mess, we recommend storing it in its bag, inside another Tupperware container. Some spirulina supplements may be fortified with extra nutrients and minerals, adding to the benefits of whole dried spirulina or spirulina extract. But if it’s powder-based, the story is a little different. The strong safety profile of spirulina is one of its best selling points. We hear a lot about “superfoods” and how they can make positive contributions to health; while many contenders may not deserve the status, spirulina is truly a nutritional star. So, if you’re vegan, and you agree with them on this, this a great choice for you. Studies in animals have found that it is exceptionally safe, even at very high doses. Therefore, a company that will guarantee your enjoyment of their product or your money back is pretty impressive, in our view. It’s so much more than just a spirulina supplement. Whilst it’s not certified organic, which we’d have preferred, the company maintains that their spirulina powder is “better than organic.” Organic producers usually use animal waste in their fertilizers, making it unsuitable for vegans. 2. If budget is a concern, this may be the product for you. And we need to warn you; this stuff is potent. For both powders and capsules, products whose purity and ingredients have been confirmed via independent, outside laboratory testing scored much higher than those which did not. Spirulina is a dietary supplement derived from sea algae that is valued for its incredibly high vitamin, mineral, and protein content, as well as its powerful antioxidant effects. (19). When researchers tracked the response of patients with precancerous lesions in the mouth, results were impressive. You can even add it to oatmeal or hot cereal if you don’t mind the taste. Q: How can you make spirulina taste good? Unless you know you’re one of those lucky people who can easily digest literally anything. Spirulina is fairly popular, so there are a lot of products out there.