Instead, they liked the Prism and the Easton Ghost as the best fastpitch softball bats. This effort also includes nearly 40 fastpitch models with roughly innumerable sizing options. Altered/Doctored Bats A reminder, this list must be available at every home site in the event that the umpire crew has an issue with a bat. While supplies last for 2019 bats, our hitters picked the Slugger Xeno as their favorite overall bat. These changes only affect baseball divisions and don’t affect any divisions of softball. With that said, we’ve reviewed hundreds of bats. We are also pretty confident that bats like the CF, LXT, XENO and Ghost perform at the top of the allowable limit. Handle and barrel both are made with composite and is a two piece construction with Flex 50 system used in connection technology. If she’s a great player, you might want to go to the drop 9 (32/23) or size up an inch in the drop 10. If it is indeed the particular ‘best’ for your hitting and type and needs is a question, we can’t answer. In this process (Carburizing) the barrel of the bat is heated to a certain amount in a carbon-rich environment which is supposed to make the steel harder and it does it. The dimensions of its barrel is 14 inch length and 2 1/4 in diameter, it is made with full composite material. Nothing can be better than those bats. This committee makes recommendations to USA Softball's council comprised of USA Softball commissioners, select youth and player representatives, umpire-in-chiefs, elite athletes and other affiliated members. There are many good options from the 11 performance softball bats we extensively tested for 2020. Below are links for press releases announcing results of compliance testing as well as FAQ's regarding bat models withdrawn from USA Softball Championship play until further notice. We most likely earn a comission from companies we link to on this site. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Available weight: 26 to 28 OzWarranty: 1 Year Warranty. Miken DC-41 ASA Slowpitch. Then, we take that data and put together a 700 to 1200 word review that, at least we believe, is the most thorough and objective you would be able to find. Curious to see the length of the bats being used by the girls. All preferred a larger barrel. Available Sizes: 34"/26 oz, 34"/27 oz, 34"/28 oz. What a fun problem to have with twins buying bats. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest participate in affiliate marketing programs including but not limited to Amazon and eBay. It is not necessary because Fastpitch Softball Bats does not come with different Stamps. DeMarini Steel 2018 is made with hard steel and is very strong and durable but has decent amount of pop and good performance. My daughter is 13 and been using the 2018 Element 33/21 and it has plenty of pop. Softball. Thanks and again exceptional and super informative review! No doubt, we do have incentives. These four factors weigh heavily in our decision to determine the best fastpitch softball bat. But we’ve swung every baseball, softball and fastpitch bat in the performance space since the middle of 2013. Do you love Premium or luxury things and does not care about the price tag then, No doubt Miken Freak Platinum is just for you. The bat is really very tough and does not break easily, if it breaks easily then no doubt it was a manufacturing defect and it was you bad luck to get it which is an exceptional case. This Demarini Flipper OG ASA slowpitch softball bat has divergence barrel which is claimed to have gapped wall barrel design which created maximum softness and trampoline effect when made a hit. Here, this bat is the most loved and most popular bat in Slowpitch softball bats lineup. It comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. But most of them did not report this issue, So that is a manufacturing defect and you can replace it under warranty. 14 over the fence last year alone. Highly recommendable for sure. So, these were some of the best softball bats in slowpitch bats lineup. She has had to start using her old Xeno since the LXT broke and her hitting has improved so much. Many of those searches turn up used bats—the history of which is often questionable. Click here to see the list. If you want a decent pop and break-in period is no issue for your then you are good to go for this bat. Now coming back to these top 3 suggestions: Easton Ghost Double Barrel is obviously the conqueror in this list with its double barrel, durability, pop and its game ready too. h�bbd``b`Z$�� ��H趁$����V��>Q"f��05��t�Ī����UL�{A�20b%�3n� ` ;W endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 70 0 obj <>stream This slowpitch softball bat might also be sold in future on ebay as a collectible. Really happy to see you included the one piece Muzuno F20 PWR CRBN 1 in your current testing. Rule 6 Section 6 (Fast Pitch/Modified Pitch), Foreign Substance / Protective Wraps If there are not any demarini bats can you suggest another quality bat . Flex of this softball bat is also great, there is nothing like vibration and this is also very durable bat. Good choices. It has been a struggle for her to get acclimated to the LXT, and after 3 months it had some pieces come loose on the inside. Stiff, Great Performance, Fantastic Price, Inexpensive, Great Ratings, Perfect Value Buy, Light Swing, Tons of Sizing Options, Great Performance, Perfect Feel. ​I hope its now easier for you to choose among three of them according to your need. Xeno 2019, 2020, LXT 2019, or 2020. All bats in USA Softball Championship Play, except Seniors, must pass the ASA Bat Performance Standard. Should have some stuff up this coming week. This is the Best One piece slowpitch softball bat but unfortunately it is only approved for USSSA leagues, but we have another list especially created for ASA softball bat players. As well, we’d be comfortable stating, and nearly every player would have success with this bat. The bat will have a number of 0-1500 to tell users their number. Anyways, hope that helps. Did you plan to review the Easton ghost? That gives you a bit more power for the righty and a lighter bat for the girl swinging the heavier Ghost. We are among them. No. But still, players hit Dingers with this one. Looking for 33” 22oz balanced demarini Fastpitch bat that can be used in college . LOL! It is better to invest on 300-400 on a best bat than to invest on 4 cheap quality bats of 100 bucks. Other merits of this one of the best softball bats is that it has great pop, very nice hitting sound, almost no vibration quite similar as other 2 bats. 2019 Miken DC-41 is a 14-inch slowpitch softball bats which have Team USA softball legend DANNY CRINE' s signature. Models placed on that list will be allowed for use in USA Softball Championship play if they bear the USA Softball recertification mark (shown in the link below). Here, In this article, we have listed 3 Best softball bats for each league you might be looking for. Hoping to just get one, but understand one might not work for both. Here is another Slowpitch softball bat that is approved for ASA and USSSA stamp as well. Only a few players faced it to be broken soon, but we ignore it because it can be a manufacturing defect for some specific bats and happens with every model. We are thinking about just buying one to try out because we can’t find a single place within 3 hours of us to go swing one. Whatever one you can find for a better deal, assuming you can find the right size, we’d guess it was the 2019 XENO. Information on USA Softball's Bat Testing & Certification Program, including a list of approved and non-approved bats. If you want to play both ASA and USSSA with Miken DC-41 you will have to buy two different variants and pay twice, but with this bat, a single bat will do the job for you in both leagues. It’s weird they have a dual stamp bat, but we get it. We think, after about 500 good hits, you are on borrowed time. Amazon 8 Amazon Reviews. So, it can be a antique piece when you are done playing with it. To improve the swinging weight and feel it is featured with Rck knob and Dish end cap. This softball bat has USSSA, ISA and NSA approval. As such, we look for a dirty handle and scuffed up a barrel as a good thing in the used market. That quest is usually better left to science labs. In LXT X20 Softball bat Louisville Slugger has introduced some new PBF technology, barrel made with full composite with single disk.