Fei, Ruixiang The effective exchange interactions between TM impurities can be calculated from first-principles by using the mapping on the classic Heisenberg model. Zhang, Zhen As ΔUm(T)∝μ2eff∝χ(T)T, the following relation is obtained, Cm(T)∝d(χT)/dT (de Jongh and Miedema 1974). Figure 5.4 illustrates possible spin alignments of four spin vectors in 1. (23a) and (23b). Form and we will follow up with your librarian or Institution on your behalf. /ColorSpace [/Indexed /DeviceRGB 255 2 0 R] /Length 888 Click here to close this overlay, or press the "Escape" key on your keyboard. In the next subsection, we propose three strategies for overcoming this difficulty. Electronic and magnetic properties of monolayer α-RuCl, Néel Temperature of Quasi-Low-Dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnets, Suppression of magnetic ordering in XXZ-type antiferromagnetic monolayer NiPS. Theory of Superexchange Interaction, New Approach to the Theory of Superexchange Interactions, Interplay between Kitaev interaction and single ion anisotropy in ferromagnetic CrI, Proximate Kitaev quantum spin liquid behaviour in a honeycomb magnet, Describing Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya spirals from first principles, First-Principles Evaluation of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction, Analysis of electrical-field-dependent Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and magnetocrystalline anisotropy in a two-dimensional ferromagnetic monolayer, Microscopic origin of ferromagnetism in the trihalides CrCl, Giant contribution of the ligand states to the magnetic properties of the Cr2Ge2Te6 monolayer, Maximally localized Wannier functions: Theory and applications, Proper Treatment of Symmetries and Excited States in a Computationally Tractable Kohn-Sham Method, Magnetic properties and energy-mapping analysis, Exchange interactions in NiO and at the NiO(100) surface, Ab initio calculations of exchange interactions, spin-wave stiffness constants, and Curie temperatures of Fe, Co, and Ni, Assessing the performance of the random phase approximation for exchange and superexchange coupling constants in magnetic crystalline solids, Exchange interactions and Curie temperatures in Cr-based alloys in the zinc blende structure: Volume- and composition-dependence from first-principles calculations, Electronic structure calculations with GPAW: a real-space implementation of the projector augmented-wave method, Designing in-plane heterostructures of quantum spin Hall insulators from first principles: 1T'-MoS2 with adsorbates, The atomic simulation environment—a Python library for working with atoms, Methods in the Quantum Theory of Magnetism, The Computational 2D Materials Database: high-throughput modeling and discovery of atomically thin crystals, Reply to comment on ‘The Computational 2D Materials Database: high-throughput modeling and discovery of atomically thin crystals’, The introduction of structure types into the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database ICSD, Crystallography Open Database ({COD}): an open-access collection of crystal structures and platform for world-wide collaboration, Two-dimensional materials from high-throughput computational exfoliation of experimentally known compounds, Definition of a scoring parameter to identify low-dimensional materials components, Renormalization, vortices, and symmetry-breaking perturbations in the two-dimensional planar model, Raman spectroscopy of atomically thin two-dimensional magnetic iron phosphorus trisulfide (FePS3) crystals, Magnetic structure of the quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet NiPS3, Spin waves in a triangular lattice antiferromagnet: Decays, spectrum renormalization, and singularities, Anisotropic-Exchange Magnets on a Triangular Lattice: Spin Waves, Accidental Degeneracies, and Dual Spin Liquids, Stacking-Dependent Magnetism in Bilayer CrI, Stacking tunable interlayer magnetism in bilayer CrI, Giant tunneling magnetoresistance in spin-filter van der Waals heterostructures, Very large tunneling magnetoresistance in layered magnetic semiconductor CrI, Voltage Control of a van der Waals Spin-Filter Magnetic Tunnel Junction, Electrical control of 2D magnetism in bilayer CrI, Electrical-field-induced magnetic Skyrmion ground state in a two-dimensional chromium tri-iodide ferromagnetic monolayer, Edge states in topological magnon insulators, Magnetic Textures at Edges and Defect Sites, Density functional investigation of structural, electronic and magnetic properties of Cu-codoped ZnO nanotubes, The European Physical Journal - Applied Physics, Pressure and Isotope Effects in the Manganese-Oxide Perovskites, Magnetism, spin dynamics, and quantum transport in two-dimensional systems, Magnetic and electronic phase transitions, Magnetic and Electronic Phase Transitions.